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These workshops meet one day a week for eleven 90-minute sessions each trimester throughout the school-year, plus a one-day Submissions Prep workshop in December, and three hours of private session Portfolio Review over the school-year.

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Full-Day Camps

Full-day camps run on select weeks during summer and school-year breaks. Also, see our Half-Day schedule here.

We are unable to offer make-up sessions for times when your writer is unable to attend workshop. We keep our workshops small and we work diligently to avoid disruptions to these groups.


Writopia's Youth Essay Conference: A Celebration of Ideas Across Disciplines

For information about the 2019 Conference, please email!

Writopia’s Winter 2018 Youth Essay Conference: A Celebration of Ideas Across Disciplines was hosted by the Center for Experimental Humanities at New York University. The event was held at NYU’s Silver Center for the Arts and Sciences on February, 4th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

At this conference, the next generation of thinkers, writers, and leaders shared the ideas and research that they are most passionate about with a panel of their peers and the community at large. The panels formed organically from a pool of critical essays we received from writers ages 12-18 from all over the New York Tri-State area, which highlighted the concerns and commentary of the next generation.

*Submissions and conference for Winter 2019 TBA

Panels included:
The Feminist Critical Lens
America Revisited
Psychology and Ethics
Race and Media
Technology and Society

Panels and Participants

The Feminist Critical Lens

Energy, Empowerment, & Entrepreneurship: Female Figures in American Literature
by Sofia Caruso

Dinah’s Voice Must Always Be Heard; A Speech Examining Vayishlach (Genesis 34) Through A Feminist Lens
by Galaxy Scheuer

The Benefit of Female Education on the World
by Maleeha Rahman

Frankenstein, Not Gloria Steinem
by Ariana Reichler

America Revisited

The Vietnam War
by Allie Smithie

Columbus Day: The Genocide of Thousands Day
by Heidi Forbes

Why the United States Constitution Established a Just Government
by Mackenzi Berner

Psychology and Ethics

The Dilemma of a Debater's Moral Integrity
by Talin Schell

Romeo and Juliet Revisited
by Alice Goyer

Good Night, Bad Night: The Black Night in Macbeth
by Dexter Pakula

A Mindful Macbeth: How "Hand" is used in Macbeth to represent a Relationship Between Mind and Body
by Delilah Shapiro

The Influence of the Rise of the Trump Administration on the NCAM Subculture
by Sierra Blanco

Race and Media

The Murder of Mary Phagan: Race and Class Tensions in Atlanta in 1913
by Eve Cohen

Whitewashing: Bringing Color to the Screen
by Jared Klegar

To Be Free
by Arjun Mazumdar

The Dangers of Stereotyping by the Media
by Mayeesa Rahman

Technology and Society

Schoolwork Aiding Websites: Innocent Aid, or Devious Cheating?
by Benjamin Samuels

Work of Tomorrow
by Noah Phillips

You Could Be Next
by Jasmine Berger

Teen Writers Summit Fees

Full Booth

Includes one full table, a listing in the conference program if purchased by October 1, 2018, a listing in the fair’s email blast that reaches 35,000 recipients, two social media plugs, one complimentary tote bag.

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Table Space Package 1 (Authors Only)

Includes half a table, a listing in the conference program if purchased by October 1, 2018, a listing in the fair’s email blast that reaches 35,000 recipients, one social media plug, one complimentary tote bag.

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Table Space Package 2 (Authors Only)

Includes half a table, a listing in the conference program if purchased by October 1, 2018, one social media plug.

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Lena’s Birthday Wish: Deeper Impact

Photo of Lena and Rob

Short Summary
I’m turning fifty this summer! And you all know how passionate I am about Writopia Lab and our mission to foster joy, literacy, and critical thinking in children of all backgrounds through creative writing. We are doing tremendous work, but I want to reach more children! We have a huge immigrant population in Westchester County, and I want our Spanish speaking friends to feel the thrill of communicating effectively though the most powerful unifier of all: STORY.

I am asking you to donate to Writopia Lab so that we can partner with Neighbors Link in Mount Kisco, whose mission is to strengthen the whole community by actively enhancing the healthy integration of immigrants. We are proposing two programs with them:

1. Summerlinks: A week-long 90 minute per day Fiction and Fun program for fourteen 4th and 5th graders ($1,500)

2. Pipeline: An after-school program for teens who are at risk for not graduating from high school. We would bring Writopia Lab’s Spoken Word program to them this fall ($1,500)

The first $3,000 will go towards our work with Neighbors Link. Anything over that will go towards Scholarships to WriCampia, our two-week sleepaway camp. (Need-based, $3,550)

One-Day Full-Day Workshop

This button is only for special workshops described in our schedules or workshops arranged with our registration team. Do not use this button to pro-rate full trimesters or week-long programs unless formal arrangements have been made with our team. Unauthorized payments using this button will be returned.

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NYC Filmmaking Production Seminar Tution

Student Name

Worldwide Plays Festival Reading Series
New York Metro North

44 Edgemont Road
Katonah, NY 10536

Saturday, May 19th 2018

5:00 PM

The Stupid Pidgeon
Written by Ascher Oppenheim and Yuskue Ho

When Powers Take Over
Written by Stella Mueller and Sofia Fuertes

The Play Dratling #2
Written by Emily Wang and Alyson Andrade

Sing and Dance Dream
Written by Leondro Andrade

Funny Face
Written by Madison Watson

Real Llama and Harley Davidson
Written by Caterina Stocia

6:00 PM

What Happens after Death
Written by Joanna Howson

Detention 108
Written by Isabella Ferrajina

Unlikely Siblings
Written by Samantha Donnelly

Written by Samuel Harris

A Room for Hope
Written by Sophia Soloway

The Trials of Mr Greeley
Written by Theo Friedman

The Key to the Gym
Written by Evan Hunt

Get Me Out of Here
Written by Emma Ramirez

Worldwide Plays Festival Reading Series

486 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

Sunday, May 6th 2018

10:00 AM

The Incredible Multicolored Crayon
Written by Wrenn Thomas

Melting Eyeballs
Written by Maxanne Wallace-Segall

Saving School
Written by Leila Sharper

11:00 AM

What Lisa Told Harry
Written by Micaela Ramos

A Comedy of Competition
Written by Orlin Dyankov

Written by Sadie Walsh

Shattering Glass
Written by Allegra Lief and Addison Fienman

2:00 PM

Crazy Things Happen!
Written by Noah Um

Not Just Cuz
Written by Dalia Mullens

Written by Cade Rutkoske

We're The Ushers, Remember? (AKA Love in the Auditorium)
Written by Madeleine Ford

A Tale of Two Arguing Teachers
Written by Sameer Gupta

3:30 PM

The Crazy Candy Audition
Written by Alexandra Wyman

Speech Class, A Satire
Written by Mark Wong

The Test
Written by Yana Serjantov

Textbook Mannerism
Written by Maya Arden

An Early Education
Written by Sierra Blanco

5:00 PM

Paul's Second Coming
Written by Jesse Dickerson

Drunk on the Job
Written by Kaelyn Ha

7 Years Laters
Written by Amelia Calo

Microwavable Mysteries
Written by Camryn Brescia

The Substitute
Written by Matilde Winter and Isabela Sanchez

Tuesday, May 8th 2018

5:30 PM

The 'Cane of '38
Written by Samson Furst, Sammy Bialkin, and Judah Fine

Odell Can Only Catch With One Hand
Written by Nathan Merrin

Time Traveling Bullies
Written by Nate Weiss

Science Experiment
Written by Beni Lederman and Sammy Bialkin

Write-a-Thon Donations

Thank you for supporting our 2018 Write-a-Thon, and for your most generous contribution to Writopia Lab. Your donation makes it possible for us to bring our literacy program to children and teens at Homes for the Homeless Saratoga Family , teens who are in need of literacy support, enrichment, and empowerment. Thank you for giving us the honor of dedicating our days to helping young people find their voices, turn pain into power, turn ideas into accomplishments, and achieve their award-winning potential regardless of their economic status. We hope to stay connected with you and see you soon!

Please submit payment for your pledge below.

With much gratitude,

Rebecca Wallace-Segall
Executive Director

Write-In Location
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