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Hazelnut Dew

by Katharine Hart

My bottom lip was quivering as I woke up. The cold, bitter air made my skin numb. I looked up from where I was laying; my toes were frosted. I was freezing. I felt my cold skin, and goosebumps slithered down my arm.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, Fiction, Winter 2014

The Luminary

by Lily Resnick
“Odessa Vane. Pleased to meet you.” Her Etiquette teacher had never taught her how to greet a fairy, but it seemed like she was doing it right. The two shook hands, and smiled. As the two shook hands, Odessa could feel the throbbing in her head fade away. She looked at Lumina with wonder in her eyes.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Fiction, Summer 2013, Writopia DC Kids

Gotcha! An Oddly Awesome Story

by Maia Bester
That’s why I approached her near the big red wall. She was allowing boys to throw paintballs at her. Talk about crazy! I ducked just in time as a red balloon went flying right over my head, and approached Roselle with every bit of confidence I had.

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The Crystal Sarcophagus

by Srijani Chakraborty
They sat down to ate hot soup and cake for dinner. Then, they all went to sleep except for Jake. Instead, he stayed up all night to read the guidebook that Rose gave them. In the morning, they ate macaroni and cheese, and drank milk. All of a sudden the ground started to rumble. BOOM! They fell through something hollow and deep. They were in a pit!

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Summer 2013, Writopia DC Kids

The Stolen Test

by Thalia Eyles
A boy named Simon sits at the desk next to mine; holding a book at the end of his outstretched arms. I glance at his face, noticing the freckles that tattoo his pale face like stars. I like to imagine them as constellations in the night sky, and his eyes as moons letting light into an otherwise dark world.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Summer 2013, Uncategorized

The Cat Mystery

by Madeleine L. Durkin

There were 17 cats living in Larry’s basement. He was living in an apartment and the apartment owner was named Bob. Bob didn’t allow animals in the apartment. Bob had a beard. And later on, the cats escaped and played with his beard.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Summer 2014, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Kids

Camp Pine

by Grace Price

can’t believe I ended up here, on a bus, taking me to a camp I never even wanted to come to. Another small thing happens, and suddenly, my whole summer is moved around. I’m supposed to be in Africa. Long story, but I guess we have time.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Summer 2014

Spirits in the Dark

by Selene Ashwood
He quickly widened his eyes and stood up, scraping his shirt on the bark. He ran towards the bushes, which led him to the entrance of a forest, a forest that had been done to death. The ground was covered in rotting apples. The trees had no green or life left in them. Gabe felt like something or someone else had been done to death in this forest.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC

Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts

by David Chang

Nick came with his invisibility cloak. He then saw what he first task would be. Dragons. He went back up to the castle to find Sirius there. He was about to tell Nick how to get past the dragons when he heard footsteps and dissipated.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Kids


by Parker Marilie Rock
Carly Everhart trudged through the mud of the forest, and for the fifth time, broke down in tears. Her life generally wasn’t all that fun, but today was the worst.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Prose, Winter 2013, Writopia DC Kids


by Cayla Joftus
Michael looked at the space where the library used to be. He had watched all day yesterday when they tore it down and hammered a sign in the front of the building saying: Property Of The Association. Michael had watched as they tore down the library. He watched them tear down his home.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Summer 2014, Uncategorized, Writopia DC Kids


by Mabel Malhotra
Dinner isn’t very eventful, but we talk less about her and more about how my life is going. I tell her “nothing much,” which is true.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Teens

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