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A Cliché Zombie Apocalypse Story

by Pierre-Alexandre Kingbo
Each day was worse than the last. Each day, I didn’t want to live even more than the last. I was frustrated and incredibly angry. I turned on the TV, trying to get my mind off of it. On the news, reporters were talking about some random stuff. I nearly changed the channel but I read the headline which said: Outbreak of a New Disease Giving People Symptoms Similar to Those of Zombies

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Writopia DC Teens

Beyond the Walls of Troy

by Virginia Suardi
“Cassandra?” A voice whispered.
Men fought, pressing against our walls. They fought, making awful noises. Clangs of bronze and gold. Swords slashed. Spears pierced. Warrior by warrior fell. Blood streamed the earth.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Prose, Writopia DC Kids


by Hennok Woldu
One winter night, Bruce was running from a coyote when he tripped on a branch. He almost got hunted down by the coyote if he hadn’t found a tree that he climbed up. He didn’t realize it until he looked down to his leg, but he had sprained his ankle and had a massive slash down the middle of his calf from falling on the branch.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

Lightning Dragon

by Deyaan Guha
Long ago, there was a world full of dragons. Dragons were everywhere and there were all types of them. Some of them were big, small, strong, and some of them had special powers.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

The Great Emperor

by Morgen Thompson
This is a story that you cannot tell anybody. If you do, you know how that goes, so let me tell you the story of the great emperor. When my mom was born, her dad was the emperor, but she did not know until she was older.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

Time Travel

by Morgan Phelps
“Raina, Modray, Monrue,” their mother called, “It’s time.”
At the last word Raina and Monrue came rushing down the stairs, almost as if they were expecting it, but Modray stayed in his room and shouted through the door.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids


by Christopher Youn
Once there was this cop and then he found a man eating a bowl of cereal.
He said, “It’s against the law to eat a bowl of cereal. You are under arrest. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Humor, Summer 2013, Writopia DC Kids

Halloween Day

by Morgen Thompson
Halloween is today. I am so excited. If you are excited too, then I dare you to do an evil laugh. If you don’t, then I will turn you into a frog because for Halloween I am a witch.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids


by Sophie Reeves
Okay, I admit I did it, I ran it front of the car, but I had to save Garnet. Garnet is my eleven year old dog. She had bolted out of the house when my son, Sean opened the door.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids


by Sofia Acajabon
The man stared at young Cameron. He watched as Cameron stared at her sick sister. He saw her stand up and walk to her sister’s bedside. He saw a glimmer of power as Cameron placed her hand on her sister’s forehead.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Fiction, Winter 2014, Writopia DC Kids

Minecraft Meet Clash

by Everette Little
“Prove yourself to us by going to war on the most war-like island in the world, Clashworld,” said Nicole. Sky and Jerome sail off to clashworld. Dun Dun Dun! Sky and Jerome go to Clashworld where people ride hogs with war hammers.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

The Adventures of Halloween and Other Stories

by Connor Littlejohn
It’s Halloween. I am getting hurt right now, see: $&^#^@^@&$*%^(^@((%*&^
Ohhhh no, I really need to go home and take a nap.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Humor, Prose, Writopia DC Kids

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