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Emily’s Halloween

By Eliza W

“Trick or treat!” shouted Emily as she knocked on a door to a small, white house. A lady who looked about 45 years old answered holding a bowl full of candy.
“What are you?” she asked.
“A witch!” replied Emily as she dug her hands into the bowl, pulling out a packet of Hershey’s chocolate, which she stuffed into a white pillowcase. Emily’s costume was black, with a gray wig and a fake pointy nose.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014

The Thump

by Chloe Greene
This is a story about goblins called thumps that love to hide under rugs and scare people. They are being hunted by people and Madusawa. Madusawa is an evil person trying to destroy the thumps and Madugawa is her kind twin sister who is trying to keep them from being eliminated.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2013, Writopia DC Kids

Disgusting Food

by Ariana Hameed

Hi, my name is Ariana. I know a lot about disgusting foods.They are EVIL criminals. I am here to catch these criminals. First up, the Waxy Cafeteria Cheese (WCC). Ingredients: 70% wax, 20% glue, and 10% latex. *WARNING: DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY REAL CHEESE.*

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Spring 2014, Writopia DC Kids

Water Warrior

By Flora White

I held on tight to my dad’s hand and forced myself not to let go. Nervously, I slowly backed away from the gigantic incoming wave, but it crashed over my head. My eyes were stinging like they were on fire and my throat felt like it was bleeding.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, Fiction, Los Angeles, Summer 2014

Alexandra’s Story

By Alexandra Torres

There once was a little girl named Nicole. She had a pet skunk named Stink. The skunk always sprayed her but she didn’t care. Her parents barely talked to her because her mom was busy taking care of her dad. She even screamed, but all she said was, “hi.”

Categories: Ages: 6-9, Fiction, Los Angeles, Summer 2014

The Living Dummy

by Miles K

I am a zombie. I like to walk around the graveyards, wondering what one plus one is. I did not go to school and I was poor when I was a kid. I am 2,660 years old. I was born in ancient Egypt. My dad was a pyramid builder, and we were all slaves. It was hard.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Kids

An Exhilarating Gift

by Penina Meier-Silverman

If you’ve ever been to New York, you’ll know how dazzling the lights are at night. Each one shines with a different story. The amazing thing about them is, is that they never go out. At least, not all of them at once. That’s the beauty of it all.

Categories: Ages: 14-18, DC, Fiction, Winter 2014, Writopia DC Teens

Nobody Could Get in the Way

By Katie S., Isabelle P., Kaley M., & Hannah M.

I was falling and I couldn’t stop. He was just so… handsome, and my crush on him was only growing. With glossy blond hair and steely blue eyes, he had captivated my eyes since the very first day of school.

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Fiction, Humor, Summer 2014, Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Artists’ Block

by Hannah Mata

Another paper crumpled up

And thrown right in the trash.

I wonder how long the hard part

Of being an artist will last?

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Poetry, Summer 2014, Westchester and Fairfield Counties


By Hannah Mata

You stare at the mirror, heart cold as ice,

Judging the figure before you.

Why must it be so hard to look

Just the way you do?

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Poetry, Summer 2014, Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Don’t Touch Me, I’m Scared

By Hannah Mata

Reaching out to hold my hand

I stiffen when we touch.

Don’t you know how I hate

All this physical contact so much?

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Poetry, Summer 2014, Westchester and Fairfield Counties


By Hannah Mata

I love it when I’m making art

But not when you’re there watching.

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Poetry, Summer 2014, Westchester and Fairfield Counties

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