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Attack of the Aliens

by Alejandro Tresca

Emmett was watching TV and he heard that it was Free Pizza Day and it was the President’s birthday. The president was having pizza and cake and people were invited to his birthday party. Emmett went to the party. But on his cake there was evil mutating juice! And there was a note on his cake signed “The Aliens.”

Categories: Ages: 6-9, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Kids

Isadora’s Revenge Part 1

by Nina Belcove

I yawned and stretched. I still regret that Isadora named me “Fuzzball,” but I leaped onto her bed anyway. Before I get too obsessed with telling my story, I’ll just let you know this: when I was just a kitten (oh, this is a dreadful story, but I suppose I must tell it) okay, so, let’s get on with this. When I was a kitten, I was found on the street (I have no clue how I got there) by Isadora.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Kids

The Mystery of the Rhinoceros Beetle

by Jackson Scott
Without any of them realizing it, the animal under the porch had grown to twice its original size in one week. 10 year old Ben Wrightwood was searching for countless hours but could not find the oversized Rhinoceros Beetle.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

Bob the Dog

by Ben Shulman
There was once a dog named Bob. Bob wanted chocolate. Bob’s owner Linda owned a chocolate store. You would probably think that Linda would leave some chocolate out once or twice but he has his own problems just like you or me.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

Natalie’s Powers

by Francesca Seguin
And when she was mad, her powers would just explode, and they would fill the whole CASTLE with popcorn. When that would happen, the maids would have to eat their way to a window or a door or anything that could open up, and they would have to open the thing so the popcorn would start flowing out.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids

The Missing Person

by Wyatt Mitchell
I, Justin Bever, discovered the crime person and the crime person was Michael Jackson. I discovered it because I set up buckets of centipedes and worked all night to set up a net to trap him and finally succeeded.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fall 2014, Fiction, Writopia DC Kids


by Joshua Abbott
She is brave,

She left her home, her parents, and her job, for this. Doctors don’t usually clean another person’s house. When her visa expired, she didn’t expect this job. She wanted to find a better life for her family, and herself.

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Fiction, NYC, Prose, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Teens


by Margo Cramer

Do I have a face beneath this cursed mask?

Has it gone completely, leaving me

With only blood and bone and brain?

I have not seen a ray of sun

Since twenty years ago

Held captive, barely alive

In this cursed cell

Categories: Ages: 14-18, NYC, Poetry, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Teens

The Forgotten Man

by Milo Hume

It was a cold, dark night that January in Brooklyn. In the center of the city, there sat a tenement building under noisy elevated train tracks. The building was made of red bricks, and cheap plaster, occasionally dropping small bits onto the cold concrete sidewalk. A poster for BEN’S FANTASTIC PAINT SHOP,with a young man wearing overalls was grinning from ear to ear…

Categories: Ages: 14-18, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Teens

New York through the Seasons

by Sonia Chajet Wides

Ice crystals flicker

like stars in the inky night sky

as they dance and twirl,

ballerinas on a slushy stage.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, NYC, Poetry, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Kids

Her Last Words

by Hannah Rogers

i’m yours and you’re mine

but i’m mine and you’re yours

and let me tell you

just how much I’ll miss the myself I am

when I’m with you.

i’ll miss that misleading feeling of love

Categories: Ages: 14-18, NYC, Poetry, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Teens

Seasonal Love

by Hannah Rogers
tell me

my dearest

do you love the crisp wintry breeze

how i felt

when i met you

Categories: Ages: 14-18, NYC, Poetry, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Teens

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