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by Mary Claire Basso-Luca
As the sun rose higher behind the dismal clouds, the snow accumulated on the ground. She watched with sadness behind her icy blue eyes. Not sadness. It was more of an envy.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Teens

Fire and Ice

By Anonymous

Isis wakes up to cloudy skies and an annoying sleepy brother.
“Asher wake up!”
“Isis, how many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone!”

Categories: Ages: 12-13, Fiction, NYC, Winter 2012, Writopia NYC Kids

Lirren’s Shadow

by Eleanor Ewing
Lirren’s shadow kept disappearing. At first, it was only for a few minutes at a time. It would leave, as if going for a coffee break, and return quickly to her feet, shifting from bear to wolf to fox before settling back into her own likeness.

Categories: Ages: 14-18, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Teens

Taught By a Cat

by Raya Kenney
I am a crazy cat girl. That’s a fact. And, my cats, of course, are goofballs. That is also a fact. People might believe that avid cat people are crazy, but the truth is, you can learn many things from cats. Even though cats are small brained mammals, they have really taught me wonderful lessons that I will use my whole life.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Memoir, Prose, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Teens

Some Story About Love

Some Story About Love

by Hana Zherka
Do you ever wake up one morning and you just have that feeling? It is a small warmth in your chest, blooming throughout your heart. I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I didn’t know that it would mean I would meet him. I would meet the one.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2013, Writopia DC Teens

Monsters Taking Over the World

by Megan Tremblay

In the 1800s it was peaceful and quiet in Paraguay, which is in South America. Little did they know, the monsters were planning on taking over Paraguay. They planned on having 6 monsters in each city in Paraguay. Each monster would scare at least 100 people away per city. The first day they were going to try and take over Paraguay was November 13, 1825.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, DC, Fiction, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Kids



by Rachel Pepper
Before I went to school, I made sure I had my backpack, my homework, my schoolbooks, and my gun. My school was fairly advanced, and it was one of the ones that had legalized guns for students, due to recent gang activity.

Categories: Ages: 12-13, DC, Fiction, Prose, Winter 2014, Writopia DC Kids

Arthur the Bald and his Quest for Magic

By Margo Cramer

Once upon a time, when eggs could give you the power of flight and newts cured bunions, there lived a rather bald man named Arthur. He was fun to be around except for one thing: he would always yammer on about magic, how he wanted to learn it, what he would do when he got it…

Categories: Ages: 10-11, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Kids

A Career Change

A Career Change

by Sophie Ewing
The hardest part of training recruits, Kevin thought as he stared at his desk, was their deaths. He thought back to the first time he’d met her.

Categories: Ages: 14-18, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Teens

The Island

The Island

by Anonymous
Jumping down from the rocky ledge onto sandy earth, I let the waves wash over my feet. Then, suddenly, a ship came out of nowhere, throwing an anchor into the sand.

Categories: Ages: 10-11, DC, Fiction, Prose, Summer 2014, Writopia DC Kids

A Day in the Life

By Violet Mendelsund

“Ring, Ring, Ring!” Ugh why do I have to wake up so early? It’s 6:30 and dad doesn’t even care anyways. No one cares, except for maybe my brother, Ted (I have 6 brothers.)

Categories: Ages: 10-11, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Kids

The Light in Tessa’s Amulet

By Fiona Lui Martin

Tessa kicked the ball in her backyard, and as she ran, her long brown hair flowed out behind her. But she had long black pants, and she was getting very hot, so she stumbled on a rock and fell on a tree stump.

Categories: Ages: 6-9, Fiction, NYC, Summer 2014, Writopia NYC Kids

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