Worldwide Plays Festival Reading Series

486 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

Sunday, May 6th 2018

10:00 AM

The Incredible Multicolored Crayon
Written by Wrenn Thomas

Melting Eyeballs
Written by Maxanne Wallace-Segall

Saving School
Written by Leila Sharper

11:00 AM

What Lisa Told Harry
Written by Micaela Ramos

A Comedy of Competition
Written by Orlin Dyankov

Written by Sadie Walsh

Shattering Glass
Written by Allegra Lief and Addison Fienman

2:00 PM

Crazy Things Happen!
Written by Noah Um

Not Just Cuz
Written by Dalia Mullens

Written by Cade Rutkoske

We're The Ushers, Remember? (AKA Love in the Auditorium)
Written by Madeleine Ford

A Tale of Two Arguing Teachers
Written by Sameer Gupta

3:30 PM

The Crazy Candy Audition
Written by Alexandra Wyman

Speech Class, A Satire
Written by Mark Wong

The Test
Written by Yana Serjantov

Textbook Mannerism
Written by Maya Arden

An Early Education
Written by Sierra Blanco

5:00 PM

Paul's Second Coming
Written by Jesse Dickerson

Drunk on the Job
Written by Kaelyn Ha

7 Years Laters
Written by Amelia Calo

Microwavable Mysteries
Written by Camryn Brescia

The Substitute
Written by Matilde Winter and Isabela Sanchez

Tuesday, May 8th 2018

5:30 PM

The 'Cane of '38
Written by Samson Furst, Sammy Bialkin, and Judah Fine

Odell Can Only Catch With One Hand
Written by Nathan Merrin

Time Traveling Bullies
Written by Nate Weiss

Science Experiment
Written by Beni Lederman and Sammy Bialkin

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