Register to Participate in the Write-A-Thon!

On April 22nd, 2018, Writopia Lab will run our first-ever Write-A-Thon, during which writers of all ages across the country help raise funds to bring writing workshops and ongoing literacy support to families in homeless and domestic violence shelters.


The writer who raises the most money will win a Writopia Lab-branded chromebook! We love these computers, using them in our labs across the country. You’ll get your very own chromebook shipped to your home for your writing pleasure!

Register to Participate

To make sure we can track our donations, we ask all participating writers to register here. There is no financial commitment on your part, but we do need your contact information!

Pledge Forms

Friends and family can make their pledge online, using the form form below, or on paper. For pledges on paper, please print the PDF of our pledge form and have donors complete the information on that form (each donor will have to enter their information twice). Once you have collected their information, please take a picture of the form and email it to We will also have these forms available at our Labs across the country.

For online pledges, please ask people to go to

When speaking or emailing with sponsors, you can use the chart below to show them how much they might end up donating, based on how much you expect to write.

100 $1 $3 $5 $10 $25
500 $5 $15 $25 $50 $125
1,000 $10 $30 $50 $100 $250
5,000 $50 $150 $250 $500 $1,250
10,000 $100 $300 $500 $1,000 $2,500
20,000 $200 $600 $1,000 $2,000 $5,000


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