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We are deeply grateful for the support we received from Worldwide Pants, David Letterman's production company, from 2011 through 2015. Since David Letterman's retirement, we have relied on support from others who help us bring professional productions to the work of our young and teen playwrights from all backgrounds each year. Please help us continue to bring our young writers’ works to life. We cannot continue to provide this opportunity each year without your support.

About the Festival

This year, our theme is Home. Every play will take place within a single room of a house. These plays will be performed as an immersive theatre experience, allowing audience members to move from room to room and play to play.

The select group of playwrights represent New York City, Westchester County, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and the cast of professional actors reflects New York City’s diversity, bringing a full range of backgrounds and experiences to the rehearsal room and the stage.

The Worldwide Plays Festival is a vital way in which we foster joy, literacy, and critical thinking in our writers. We couldn’t be more excited to help them engage with their communities by creating immediate new works for the stage!

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