Trimester-Long Workshop

These workshops meet one day a week during fall, winter, and spring trimesters. Workshops meet for ten 90-minute sessions.

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Private Sessions

Writopia offers private sessions in creative writing, essay writing, college essay, playwriting, filmmaking, songwriting, poetry, and graphic noveling. For information or to schedule private sessions in the Bay Area, contact

Private sessions tuition in the Bay Area:

Ages 8 to 11
Creative and Essay Writing: $95
Middle School Admission Essay: $120
Test Preparation: $125*
Semi-Private: $75/child

Ages 12 to 18
Creative and Essay Writing: $120
College and High School Admission Essay: $140
Test Preparation: $150*

Filmmaking: $140

*Test Preparation includes ELA, Regents, SAT, ACT, SSAT, AP.
Please send inquiries to if you need support on an exam that is not listed. We may be able to accommodate.

One-Day Half-Day Workshop

This button is only for special workshops described in our schedules or workshops arranged with our registration team. Do not use this button to pro-rate full trimesters or week-long programs unless formal arrangements have been made with our team. Unauthorized payments using this button will be returned.

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Five-Day Half-Day Workshop

These workshops meet five days in a row, generally Monday through Friday (some holiday weeks may vary).

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