Westchester and Fairfield Semester-Long Workshops

Semester-Long Workshop

Creative Writing and Essay Writing workshops are TEN 90-minutes sessions, and the full fee is $475. See all pricing.

If joining late in a given semester, any remaining sessions can be prorated.

  • Fall-semester workshops begin in September.
  • Winter-semester workshops begin in December.
  • Spring-semester workshops begin in March.

Missed sessions can be made up only during that semester, with notice, at any other age-appropriate workshop.



Creative Writing workshops (ten sessions) focus on developing skills for self-initiated writing and personal voice. Each writer is guided in choosing their own subject and format, whether short fiction, essays, poetry, you name it. They polish their work through feedback and revision, and are encouraged toward public readings and contest submissions.

Essay Writing workshops (ten sessions) focus on developing skills for approaching and completing assigned writing. Those skills can be applied to schoolwork, school admissions, or eventual professional needs.

See schedules for Vacation Programs.

See schedules for Summer Programs (linked).

For further information, or to request a new workshop (including daytime workshops for home-schoolers), please call (914) 401-4159 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Join our mailing list to receive periodic schedule and event updates.


Semester-Long Workshop Schedule

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