• Alex Sarappo

    Alex Sarappo

    Alex is is excited to join Writopia Lab NYC's team! Alex recently graduated from Colby College in Waterville, ME, where he double majored in Philosophy and English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. While at Colby, Alex served as the editor in chief of Pequod, Colby's student run art and literature magazine. Alex likes reading Annie Proulx and Donald Barthelme, and writing short stories.

  • Katherine Roldan

    Katherine Roldan

    Katherine is excited to be joining the Writopia Lab team in New York City as an intern! Katherine is a graduate of Mercy College with a BA in English. She has worked with young readers in a volunteer program called Reading Buddies. Her aim was to allow her "buddies" to pursue literacy in a fun, engaging manner, and to get the readers enthusiastic about books. Her experience with children and love for creative writing is what drew her to Writopia. Katherine is currently working on getting teaching certification so she can further expand the minds of young readers/writers.

  • Chelsey Grasso

    Assistant Instructor and Film Editing Assistant
    Chelsey Grasso

    Chelsey Grasso is excited to be joining the Writopia team as a Teaching Intern. She is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Her writing has appeared in Paste Magazine, Thought Catalog, and The Huffington Post. She also regularly contributes to Bustle and City Guide NY. Chelsey received her B.A. in Media (Film/Video) from the University of California San Diego, minoring in French Literature along the way. While Chelsey is primarily focused on her fiction and editorial writing these days, she has worked as a professional photo editor for the national teen magazine Tiger Beat, as well as for the British online newspaper Mail Online.

  • Jasmine Wilson

    Jasmine Wilson

    Jasmine is excited to join the Writopia team in DC as an Intern! She is currently in her senior year as an English major at Howard University with a minor in Africana Studies. Her experience as a writing tutor, researcher, and teaching fellow have heavily influenced her interests in writing and teaching writing. She currently works as a freelance photographer and campus tutor. Jasmine is looking forward to sharing her love for writing with young writers and gaining new insight into what writing means to others. When she is not working or in class, Jasmine enjoys watching cartoons and movies, reading comic books, and writing in her journal.

  • Kian Kelley-Chung


    Kian Kelley-Chung is excited to be a part of the Writopia family as an Intern in the DC Region. Kian has always been infatuated with storytelling. His family used to tease him for saying “and then, and then, and then” and never finishing his story. As a sophomore English student at the University of Maryland, Kian is studying to be a storyteller through graphic novels, film, and video games. His focus is to incorporate social activism into his work by humanizing and redefining the typically degrading narratives about minorities and provide a more representative perspective on cultural issues than what has been historically provided. Kian has just recently been accepted into the Jimenez-Porter Writers’ House at UMD, an exclusive creative writing living-learning program. Through the Writers’ House, he will have published his first graphic novel before he graduates. He is also a student in the College Park Scholars, Media, Self and Society program -- another living-learning program dedicated to teaching students how to analyze news and its impact on society. Kian is an artist, an advocate for imagination, and an activist for creativity.

  • Hannah Seidlitz

    Editorial Intern
    Hannah Seidlitz

    Hannah is thrilled to join the Writopia team in Manhattan as an Editorial Intern. At New York University, she studies the intersections of linguistics, semiotics, creative writing, and public policy for a cumulative concentration in applied rhetoric. She was a writing center tutor at Skidmore College before she transferred after the fall of 2016, where she specialized in copyediting and the consolidation of student theses, collaborating with students and faculty to strengthen the content, organization, and rhetorical effectiveness of their written work. While at Skidmore, she co-wrote and performed in a staged spin-off of Eve Ensler’s "The Vagina Monologues" to support women’s issues and intersectional feminism. In the tradition of her literary heroes, Didion and Foster Wallace, she writes creative nonfiction and has fervid, albeit idealistic, dreams. Maybe one day she’ll write for the New Yorker, or at the very least wield the honor of organizing David Remnick’s filing cabinets.

  • Ashley Somwaru

    Editorial Intern
    Ashley Somwaru

    Ashley Somwaru is delighted to be a part of Writopia Lab's Editorial team in Manhattan! Currently, Ashley is a senior at Baruch College and is planning to graduate with a double major in English and Journalism. She is the Managing Editor of Encounters Magazine a creative literary and arts publication, as well as a copy editor at Refract Magazine, a nonfiction digital publication, which are both housed at Baruch. Ashley has a deep passion for writing poetry and fiction. She hopes to encourage others to express themselves through their own unique creativity.

  • Jayne Ross


    Jayne is beyond excited to be joining the Writopia Lab team as an intern in Brooklyn! A D.C. area native and rising junior at Virginia Tech, she plans to major in Creative Writing, Professional & Technical Writing, and History, while minoring in French and Leadership & Social Change (whew!). After a semester of blogging for Silhouette literary magazine, she will be one of their prose editors in the fall. She is also Communications Secretary of her service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and helps put on events for Happy Humans, a club dedicated to making VT students’ days a little brighter. She loves to write creative nonfiction, but she loves to read children’s literature (secretly, she hopes to channel her inner Eloise this summer). Her other passions include sitting in coffee shops, lip-syncing to Broadway show tunes, daydreaming about writing the next great American novel, and eating ice cream at every possible occasion. She can’t wait to help other young writers discover that their words can change the world.

  • LilyRose Weiss


    LilyRose Weiss began volunteering at Writopia in the summer of 2017. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and attended the Berkeley Carroll School for the majority of her K—12 years, except for eighth grade when she lived in Costa Rica for a year. In high school, she was involved with the soccer team and the musical theater department, while also constantly writing extensively for both her classes and her own enjoyment. She currently studies at Grinnell College, and just finished spending a semester in Madrid, Spain! At Grinnell, she is an English and Psychology double major, and writing and doing art are two of her greatest passions. In the future, she hopes to find a way to combine her love for Psychology and English as well as art, in some constructive fashion. LilyRose is incredibly excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Writopia Lab team this summer, and cannot wait to spend it surrounded by other literature lovers!

  • Kukuwa Ashun

    Editorial Intern

    Kukuwa Ashun is very excited to be joining Writopia Lab NYC as an Editorial Intern! Born in Brooklyn, Kukuwa is currently a senior at Purchase College pursuing her BA in Creative Writing and double minoring in Journalism and Global Black Studies. Her passion and concentration in fiction writing allows her to create short stories and prose pieces about the realities of race, gender, and class in today's society. Kukuwa has also used her writing skills to contribute to all three of her college's publications (The Purchase Phoenix, Italics Mine, and The Purchase Beat) while working as a writing tutor. Outside of her schoolwork, Kukuwa is actively involved around her campus and enjoys helping others in her community. Her leadership experience stems from her time as a student orientation leader, resident assistant, and club president.

  • Yasmin Belkhyr


    Yasmin Belkhyr is excited to join Writopia this summer as a teaching intern in Brooklyn. She is a writer and editor from Salé, Morocco. Her first chapbook, Bone Light, was published in 2017 by APBF and Akashic Books. Her poems have appeared in Salt Hill, PANK, Muzzle, and SOFTBLOW. She is the founder & Editor-in-Chief of Winter Tangerine, a literary and arts magazine, and Honeysuckle Press, a publishing press dedicated to amplifying the voices of unsung communities. Yasmin currently lives in Brooklyn and can't wait to spend this summer growing, learning, and teaching at Writopia.

  • Ye Sin (Danny) Kim


    Ye Sin (Danny) Kim is super thrilled to be a part of Writopia Lab as an intern in New York City! He is currently studying Cinema as a senior at Binghamton University. He has experience working with children in both academic and creative environments, such as the United States Tennis Association (USTA), where he worked with children with disabilities. His written works and films have been recognized and awarded The Kenneth Jacobs Grant in early 2017 by his university, and many of his short films have been screened at large public events. He is passionate about writing, directing, and editing short films that explore the unique lives of various individuals and enjoys analyzing and discussing films! In his free time, he likes to scribble ideas on napkins and sticky notes, read film commentaries, work on graphic design, and visit museums.

  • Mason Hamberlin


    Mason is honored to serve Writopia D.C. as an intern for the 2017 summer! Mason is actually just an excited Writopia camper stuck in a twenty-something’s body. Born in New Jersey, Mason has moved every two to four years of his life—from California to France to England and back (though his heart belongs to Chapel Hill, NC). Currently, he studies Nonfiction and Publishing at the UNC, Wilmington. He hopes to teach and edit and one day provide a platform for challenging voices, whose unheard stories need to be heard. In the meantime, he has a lot to learn himself. He hopes his own writing sparks positive discussions about toxic masculinity, inequality, culture, and stigmas surrounding autism. (You can read his work at, Thrice Fiction, and in various UNCW publications.) More than anything, he just wants you to know he listens and cares.

  • Noah Franklin


    Noah is psyched to be joining the Writopia team in DC as an intern. He has just completed his sophomore year at Northwestern University, where he studies radio/TV/film and philosophy. He has been taking screenwriting classes, and enjoying them fully. He is the Editor at Large for Scene+Heard, Northwestern’s arts and culture publication. His writing experience comes in a variety of forms—screenplays and teleplays, columns, poems, album reviews, heartfelt text messages etc.—and he is eager to pass along some of the passion and skills he has picked up along the way. He firmly believes that better writing leads to better communication, which leads to better people and a better world. Along with being a writer, Noah is an audiophile, an actor, a hiker, a skier, and a novice freestyle rapper.

  • Aline Dolin


    Aline is thrilled to be working with young writers as an intern with the DC Writopia team this summer! She is currently a rising second-year student at the University of Virginia planning to double major in history and English with a poetry concentration, along with a minor in art history. As a 2013 alumna of the National Student Poets Program, she designed and taught poetry workshops for non-native English speakers. Currently, she serves as a poetry reader for The Adroit Journal, and at UVA she spends her time outside class as a DJ and PR director for WXTJ and a writer for The Cavalier Daily. She is also a freelance writer who has contributed articles to Vinyl Me, Please Magazine. Her other passions include horror movies and '80s pop music.

  • Sabrina Castillo


    Sabrina is excited to be a summer intern at Writopia NYC! Sabrina is an English major and a double Chemistry and Japanese minor at Vassar College. Even though she seems to be juggling a lot, her true passion has always been reading and writing, especially teen fiction. In her writing, she thoroughly enjoys finding and celebrating small actions, like sharing bubble tea or reading The Little Prince with a friend. Sabrina hopes to inspire younger generations with the same sort of curiosity through a shared love of writing, which is why it is serendipitous for her to join the Writopia team after all these years. Sabrina spent a year in high school taking Writopia workshops, and she feels incredibly lucky to be part of a place that jump-started her creative voice and helped her grow. Sabrina is excited to give back to the Writopia community and make this summer unforgettable!

  • Cece Dye


    Cece is very, very excited to be joining Writopia in Brooklyn this summer as an intern! Cece is a rising Senior at Kenyon College in Ohio where she studies English and Creative Writing. In 2014 she was Scholastic Silver Key award winner for her creative writing portfolio. She spent last semester studying post-colonial and oral literature at the University of Ghana. Additionally, she is the captain of her cross-country team, outreach chair of her school's anti-gun violence organization, and co-host at a weekly radio music show.

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