DC Interns

  • Chizitere Ezeh

    Chizitere Ezeh

    Zite Ezeh is very excited to join Writopia Lab as a Summer 2018 intern. Zite is currently a rising junior at Oberlin College studying Creative Writing and Peace and Conflict Studies. Zite has been writing ever since she was 10 years old and has a lot of love for the workshop space and process. Rooming with Ash, a YA novel Zite wrote when she was 13 years old, was picked up in 2016 by BLVNP Incorporated and published in November of 2017. Recently, Zite's writing has been centered more around fictional memoirs and oral history narratives, but she still loves to explore genres and expand her scope as a writer.

  • Daniel Berger

    Daniel Berger

    Danny Berger is thrilled to be joining the Writopia Lab team as a college intern! Danny was born and raised in the Spring Valley neighborhood of Washington, DC and now attends Hamilton College, where he is majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in History. At Hamilton, he helps run the Novelists’ Support Group, a club for Creative Writing and Literature majors who meet to workshop pieces and discuss the craft of writing. Besides his love for writing, Danny also enjoys music, and he is ecstatic to have the opportunity to help young creatives find their voice, whether it be on the page or in the music stave. As a DC native, Danny is so excited to inspire young creatives in his hometown and pass on the incredible passion he has for storytelling.

  • Ebony Adkins

    Ebony Adkins

    Ebony is ecstatic about joining the Writopia Lab team as a summer intern and being surrounded by promising youth, dedicated instructors and staff members, and an overall positive environment. Ebony is currently an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley studying African-American Studies and Education. Ebony is excited to work with students hands-on in helping to enrich their creative skills. She sees Writopia Lab as a perfect medium for her love of education, children, and the arts. Ebony enjoys painting, drawing, and writing, both as hobbies and stress relievers. In many ways, she sees herself in the students because she is one. Ebony plans to graduate in 2019 and pursue a career in education.

  • Marina Cooper

    Marina Cooper

    Marina Cooper is excited to join Writopia Lab, especially since she has fond memories of attending many workshops at Writopia Lab D.C. in the past. She has also taken two summer song-writing workshops at the UVA Young Writers’ Workshop; she went on the Putney Writing in Ireland Program; and she has been accepted to the Yale 2018 Summer Writers’ Workshop. She is a rising sophomore at Princeton University where she is a staff writer for one of the campus literary magazines and where she plans to major in English and minor in creative writing. One of her short stories has received a regional gold key in the 2013 Scholastic Writing Awards and was featured in the associated anthology Raw Feet.

  • Naomi Gruber

    Naomi Gruber

    Naomi is very excited about joining the Writopia Lab team as a creative writing teaching intern! Currently, she is a junior at the College of William and Mary and is majoring in film and media studies with a minor in creative writing. She discovered her love of writing through fanfiction, and after exploring fiction, poetry, and journalism, she found a passion for screenwriting. Naomi plans to pursue a career in television writing and works as a variety editor for her campus newspaper The Flat Hat. When she’s not busy writing for school or for fun, Naomi can be found (re)watching her favorite shows, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with her two Siberian cats.

  • Shea Sion

    Shea Sion

    Shea Sion is a long-time Writopian, student, and intern, and is ecstatic to be working with Writopia Lab again this summer. Shea started as a student back in the seventh grade and worked as an intern in their freshman year of high school. Shea is a rising sophomore hoping to major in creative writing at Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences with a possible East Asian Studies minor. Shea is experienced in writing various genres including fiction prose, poetry, scripting, and memoir. Shea's passions outside of creative writing include drawing, discussing, and blogging about cartoons, playing ukulele, and playing D&D.

  • Sofia LaGuarda

    Sofia LaGuarda

    Sofia Laguarda was a Writopia Lab student for four years, and now she's excited to return as a summer intern! She is a proud graduate of Sidwell Friends High School — where she was editor-in-chief of the satirical newspaper and literary magazine. During her time at Writopia, Sofia won two national Scholastic writing awards for short story and personal essay, and was published in Bethesda Magazine. She is now a junior at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, where she majors in English. Sofia is on the editorial board of The New Journal at Yale, a magazine for longform journalism. She also performs with The Coven, an all-female standup group! Her favorite authors are David Sedaris, William Zinsser, and Jane Austen.

  • Zachary (Zack) Gardner

    Zachary Gardener

    Zachary (Zack) Gardner is jazzed to be a part of Writopia Lab as an intern. He is currently a sophomore working hard to major in both English and Secondary Education at Vanderbilt University. Currently, he is the lead writer and designer for the Desktop Dungeons Extreme Edition team and is working on another currently unannounced video game project. In whatever scraps of free time remain, Zack enjoys board games and playing the piano.

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