Debate Tournament Motion List: Experienced

Experienced League Debate Tournament Motions

    Foreign Policy

  1. This house believes that NATO should send soldiers to fight in Ukraine against Russia.
  2. This House favors isolationism over globalism.
  3. Domestic Policy
  4. This House believes governments should invest heavily in nuclear energy.
  5. This house believes mask mandates should be eliminated.
  6. Economics
  7. This house regrets the use of sanctions.
  8. This house believes all food sales should include a regressive health tax (sales of healthier foods are taxed at a lower rate, and vice versa).
  9. Youth and Education

  10. This house believes that schools should provide all students with free mental health counseling (or "1:1 therapy").
  11. This house believes children under 18 convicted of any crime should never face life in prison.
  12. Science
  13. This house prefers research into living underwater over research into settling in space (earth's moon, Mars, or otherwise).
  14. Ethics
  15. This house prefers deontology to consequentialism. (deontology focuses on the rightness or wrongness of actions themselves, whereas consequentialism focuses on the consequences of the action).

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