The Mini-Workshop FAQ

When do the Writopia Mini-Workshop sessions meet?
Mini-workshops meet on holidays and professional development days when public school classes are not in session. Please view our schedule here.
I am not available for the three dates listed for the Mini-Workshop. Will you be offering sessions during any other times this year?
We are happy to take requests for other days and times throughout the year. Please register for the course and indicate your request here.
What if there's not a Writopia Lab near me?
Depending on the distance, we may be able to provide services on-site at your school. Alternatively, we may be able to provide online sessions. Please contact to inquire about these options.
What is the minimum and maximum enrollment amount?
We need a minimum of three participants to run the Mini-Workshop on-site at our lab and a minimum of five participants to run off-site, in-school workshops. The maximum enrollment is 30 participants.
What materials do I need to bring?
You are not required to bring any materials to our workshops. We provide all needed resources throughout the duration of a session. Among these materials are laptops, handwriting materials, and art supplies.
Who teaches the Writopia Mini Workshop?
Writopia’s founder and senior instructing staff. Our PD instructors are also the curriculum developers for Writopia PD, and have extensive Writopia experience in partnering with schools for in-school workshops, curriculum development, and after-school programming.
How can I register and submit payment?
You can register here and submit payment via credit card here or submit payment via check and send to our Upper West Side lab on 155 W. 81st Street, New York, NY 10024. Please make all checks out to Writopia Lab.
Do you accept payment from the DOE?
Yes. Please coordinate with your school administration to obtain a purchase order (P.O.) from the DOE. Our accounting department will work with your school administration and the DOE to coordinate the invoice, P.O., and payment for the course.
Will I receive P-Credits for this workshop?
No. The Writopia Mini Workshop options are not applicable for P-credits. They are designed for teachers who have already completed all their necessary P-credits or for any teacher who wishes to continue broadening their breadth of knowledge. If you specifically need P-credits, please look at our DOE Certified Semester-Long course, Bridging the Gap Between Creative and Essay Writing as an alternative option.

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