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Micro Plays; Macro Messages
Tuesday, June 30th, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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Curators Kevin R. Free & Dan Kitrosser

“In very short plays, you, as the playwright, only have time to create a moment that sends a message. It challenges you to create something so poignant, so theatrical—and in this case, so Black—that its power cannot be denied,” explains festival curator, Kevin R. Free. All plays were written by Writopia’s playwrights ages 7-19, and are then directed, performed, and presented over Zoom by professional theater artists.

For many of us, Juneteenth serves as a reminder that even while we celebrate progress, we must do so with caution, as building a free and equitable society requires ongoing work in many forms. For us at Writopia, part of this dedication translates into working toward sharing, celebrating, and amplifying diverse life experiences and narratives—and allowing those narratives to bring us comfort and discomfort alike—as our children and teens emerge as feelers, thinkers, writers, and agents of social change.

In this spirit, please join us in listening to, honoring, and celebrating our young black playwrights’ voices at this free event on Tuesday, June 30th, 6pm-8pm. Those who attend will have the opportunity to donate to The National Bail Fund Network. Festival and registration information below!

The original works of the following playwrights will be featured:

  • Alexander James, Age 12
  • Blake Ansari, Age 13
  • Christian Nguiamba, Age 11
  • Chynah Brown , Age 10
  • Chyrstel Figueroa
  • Emmanuella Chukwumeze, Age 13
  • Erica James, Age 15
  • Erinda Ratchford, Age 14
  • Jaidan Robinson, Age 15
  • Kahleah Welp, Age 10
  • Leila Cisse, Age 13 & Sumaiya Sangare, Age 8
  • Lennarsha Prescod, Age 23
  • Morgan Daise, Age 17
  • Myles Saunders, Age 11
  • Robert Dayse, Age 11
  • Timia McCoade, Age 16
  • Yasmine Bolden, Age 17
  • Zahir Chappelle, Age 11
  • Zoe Donovan

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