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Writopia’s Winter 2018 Youth Essay Conference: A Celebration of Ideas Across Disciplines

Writopia’s Winter 2018 Youth Essay Conference was hosted by the Center for Experimental Humanities at New York University. The event was held at NYU’s Silver Center for the Arts and Sciences on February, 4th from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

At this conference, the next generation of thinkers, writers, and leaders shared the ideas and research that they are most passionate about with a panel of their peers and the community at large. The panels formed organically from a pool of critical essays we received from writers ages 12-18 from all over the New York Tri-State area, which highlighted the concerns and commentary of the next generation.

Panels included:
The Feminist Critical Lens
America Revisited
Psychology and Ethics
Race and Media
Technology and Society

Panels and Participants

The Feminist Critical Lens

Energy, Empowerment, & Entrepreneurship: Female Figures in American Literature
by Sofia Caruso

Dinah’s Voice Must Always Be Heard; A Speech Examining Vayishlach (Genesis 34) Through A Feminist Lens
by Galaxy Scheuer

The Benefit of Female Education on the World
by Maleeha Rahman

Frankenstein, Not Gloria Steinem
by Ariana Reichler

America Revisited

Change and Continuity in Apocalyptic Thought
by Ella Berg

The Vietnam War
by Allie Smithie

Columbus Day: The Genocide of Thousands Day
by Heidi Forbes

Why the United States Constitution Established a Just Government
by Mackenzi Berner

Psychology and Ethics

The Dilemma of a Debater's Moral Integrity
by Talin Schell

Romeo and Juliet Revisited
by Alice Goyer

Good Night, Bad Night: The Black Night in Macbeth
by Dexter Pakula

A Mindful Macbeth: How "Hand" is used in Macbeth to represent a Relationship Between Mind and Body
by Delilah Shapiro

The Influence of the Rise of the Trump Administration on the NCAM Subculture
by Sierra Blanco

Race and Media

The Murder of Mary Phagan: Race and Class Tensions in Atlanta in 1913
by Eve Cohen

Whitewashing: Bringing Color to the Screen
by Jared Klegar

To Be Free
by Arjun Mazumdar

The Dangers of Stereotyping by the Media
by Mayeesa Rahman

Technology and Society

Schoolwork Aiding Websites: Innocent Aid, or Devious Cheating?
by Benjamin Samuels

Work of Tomorrow
by Noah Phillips

You Could Be Next
by Jasmine Berger

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