A La Carte Schedule

Sign up for as many of the below sessions as your young writer wants to do — two, five, ten, or more! Each session is a one-hour taste of the programming Writopia Lab has offered for the last 13 years across the United States — now available online!

You can learn more about each of the sessions below on our Program Descriptions page.

You can also use a single session credit to join the two-hour Community Write-In Wednesdays at noon EST.

Sessions are $35 each, with a small discount given for purchasing more than two sessions at a time. Please only register for the number of sessions for which you have paid — families of writers who participate in extra sessions will be invoiced.


  • Payment and registration are done for one writer at a time; please complete the process once per child, if you are registering siblings.
  • Registration for programs starting 1 PM or earlier must be completed by 6 PM EST the previous night.
  • Registration for programs starting 2 PM or later must be completed by 11 AM EST.

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