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ages 12-18

An outgrowth of the popular and deeply meaningful WriCampia elective, the Plus workshop is an intersectional space where writers can write about, discuss, and celebrate their gender identities and sexualities. In Plus, we engage in group and individual writing, we share experiences, and simply enjoy time with other LGBTQ+ writers. Writers will develop their writing while exploring games both new and familiar through a queer lens, fostering self-discovery and a sense of community.

As Writopia Lab has grown over the years, so has the diversity of our community of writers in all senses, including our population of middle school and high school writers identifying as LGBTQ+.

Plus, inspired by an elective of the same name at Writopia Lab’s annual sleepaway camp, is a storytelling- and conversation-driven workshop offering for LGBTQ+ writers. It shares in the rigors and joys of our creative writing workshops while also holding space for the importance and complexity of our gender identities, sexualities, and intersectional lived experiences.

It is not “just” a classic Writopia workshop or “just” an affinity group or a safer space; it is both of those and more!

Plus workshops are accessible to all income levels through our sliding-scale tuition.

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