Los Angeles Schedules

Our new registration has launched! Please visit writopialab.org/Fall2022 to register for fall workshops.

You can search for fall programs using our brand new registration system! This tool lets you filter for programs most appropriate for your writer. It also lets you complete both registration and payment in one process, and the forms that you complete in this new registration system (such as our Permission-to-Participate form) will be stored for future enrollments.

In the coming months we will add the ability to log in to see the programs in which your writers are enrolled and to re-register through a streamlined process. If you have any questions about this or find any bugs, please contact us at crm@writopialab.org.

We will be adding further listings in the coming days. If you don’t see a program listed that meets your family’s needs for the location or times that you need, please reach out to us at register@writopialab.org.

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