Kukuwa Ashun

Kukuwa Ashun is very excited to join Writopia Lab NYC! Born in Brooklyn, Kukuwa is currently a second-year MFA candidate at New York University pursuing her advanced degree in Creative Writing. An avid bibliophile, Kukuwa's fiction writing is informed by identity formation in coming-of-age Black women, environmental injustices in low-income communities, and social exclusion across race, gender, class, creed, and mobility. Before joining Writopia as an instructor, Kukuwa was an Editorial Intern for Writopia's online magazines, The (Parenthetical) and The Ellipsis..., in 2017. Since then, she has continued to work and intern with renowned nonprofit organizations including the I, Too, Arts Collective; One Story Inc.; and the National Book Foundation, presenter of the National Book Awards. When Kukuwa isn't watching reruns of The Office, you can find her working on her debut collection of short stories somewhere in Brooklyn.

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