How to Talk About The Scholastic Awards’ Results

This year’s results for the Regional Scholastic Writing Awards are intended to be announced in most regions on Friday, February 2nd at 3pm. Many of our writers will find out that their pieces were honored with honorable mentions, silver keys, and/or gold keys! We are so, so, happy for all of our teens who received positive feedback this year. It feels great to work hard and be heard and celebrated by people other than our own parents and Writopia instructors! Of course, not everyone wins recognition each year. Below, please find tips on what to say to your writer no matter the results.  

The Writer Who Wins Recognition

After big hugs and cheers, be as thoughtful as your writer is about what words you use to celebrate his or her success. I would like to urge you to praise the hard work, dedication, and courage that your writer invested into his or her writing this year. Carol Dweck and a growing body of researchers recommend refraining from praising children’s raw talent. Their research suggests that praising hard work and dedication leads to … more hard work and dedication! Continue reading “How to Talk About The Scholastic Awards’ Results”