Teens report that they are motivated to write when they can select topics that are relevant to their lives and interests, and report greater enjoyment of school writing when they have the opportunity to write creatively. Having teachers or other adults who challenge them, present them with interesting curricula and give them detailed feedback also serves as a motivator for teens. Teens also report writing for an audience motivates them to write and write well.

The more teens enjoy the writing they do (whether in or out of school), the more likely they are to consider writing an essential skill for their future success in life.

National Commission on Writing in America’s Schools and Colleges, The Neglected ‘R’: The Need for a Writing Revolution 2008

Who We Serve

Writopia serves students from all backgrounds and experience levels. Visit our Who We Serve page for more infromation.

Writopia's Impact on Academic Performance

77% of our parents of reluctant writers reported that they felt that exposure to Writopia had direct impact on improved grades and standardized test scores. View Our Impact page for more information.

Writopia was really beneficial for students who already see themselves as writers, as it gives them the creative outlet. But it is also great for reluctant writers; they flourish in this type of environment.

Teacher, PS 276 in New York City

Free Resources

If you are interested in receiving Writopia’s Common Core-aligned 3rd and 4th grade curricula, our Creative Writing Instruction Handbook for grades 2 to 12, or other Writopia resources, please apply here.

Educators or nonprofit administrators who serve low-income children and teens will be given priority. A member of the Writopia team may contact you with a few additional questions as part of the application process.

Visit Writopia!

inschool3Writopia Lab welcomes students and educators to visit us for field trips! Our instructors work with classroom teachers to create fun, energetic, and creative activities that supplement what students are learning in class. On one recent field trip, a class of high school juniors studying Othello came to Writopia to apply the scholarly insights they’d learned about Shakespeare in school to their own dramatic works. During the visit, the students tried their hands at starting their own plays, creating tense scenes with romantic dialogue and plot-thickening monologues, and experimenting with movement and stage direction.

We look forward to working with your faculty to find ways to create a meaningful field trip experience that enriches your students’ literary journey. Contact rebecca@writopialab.org in New York City, marianne@writopialab.org in D.C., lena@writopialab.org in the New York Metro North Region, or jan@writopialab.org in Los Angeles to brainstorm projects and possibilities within your budget.

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If you are interested in learning more about how to schedule trainings, please contact Alexandra@writopialab.org.

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