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Safely run in-person workshops coming this summer!

It's going to be an expensive opening this summer but we're committed to doing it because we miss being together in person.
Opening responsibly this summer requires $20,000 in support of:

  • High-end Air Purifiers
  • Intentionally limited enrollment
  • Space modifications
  • PPE for staff and extra PPE for writers
  • Additional training for all staff

Your donations help us change lives... the lives of exceptional low-income children and teens who yearn to be included and empowered by a creative and intellectual community. And it's not just about creative writing. Your donation ensures that we may help low income, lower literacy teens with their academic essays, their college essays, and with preparing for the SATs.

“Writopia has been an incredible resource for our family, both prior to and during the pandemic. In this isolating time, it is so valuable for young writers to find a community, and Writopia offers vibrant, passionate groups of young people focused on expressing themselves. It’s been amazing to see how effectively this has migrated to a remote environment, and we are proud to support Writopia and your life-changing programs!

During this challenging time, we hope that other families can join us in supporting the critical work that the Writopia team is doing."

Jerra & Paddy Spence, 2020 Benefactors

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