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Worldwide Plays Festival 2024

On May 5th, 2024, these 24 playwrights will spend an entire day creating 10 five-minute-long plays in pairs including one teen fellow and one or two younger playwrights. Then, most exciting of all, at 3 PM all of the shows will come to life on stage, performed by professional actors!

The Playwrights:

  • Charlotte Caplan, 8
  • Kian Campwala, 8
  • Lila Yu, 9
  • Lola Greenman, 9
  • Jiann Hong, 9
  • Mirabelle Hoffman, 10
  • Emma Chabrowski, 10
  • Orli Umlauf, 10
  • Aurelia Tahan, 10
  • Avery Choi, 11
  • Samara, 11
  • Clio Taylor, 11
  • Carla Citerman, 11
  • Frida Meyer-Ebrecht, 11
  • Parker Allen, 11
  • Sienna Beck, 11
  • Lily Boegli, 12

The Festival Fellows:

  • Masua Chaiken, 13
  • Annie Singh,14
  • Rena Jalon, 15
  • Isadora Ardizzoni, 16
  • Naomi Jeske, 16
  • Megan Chan, 16
  • Bee Kanofsky, 17
  • Bernice Zhao, 17
  • Stephanie Groves, 17
  • Julia Cramer, 18

Come see the show!

When:  Sunday, May 5th, 2024, from 3 PM to 5 PM

Where: Five Angels Theatre
789 10th Ave New York, NY  10019
(between 52nd and 53rd Street)

Tickets: The festival is free to attend, though we suggest a donation of $10 or more per ticket to help us cover the costs and allow us to continue running this festival each year.

*For those who donate $100 or more, special seating will be reserved.

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