Each year, the festival is themed after different settings that each play must take place in. Recent themes have included "In a Field" and "Out of this World."


Plays should have no more than three characters. Please include a character breakdown at the top of your play. In the breakdown, you can be as specific as you’d like about their demographics (age, ethnicity, gender, etc.) or as general or magical as you’d like (Carl is a fish).


The play can be any genre—comedy, drama, horror, polemic, tragedy, historical, docudrama, solo play, interactive, sci-fi, musical, or anything you dream up.


There is no standard playwriting format. Feel free to use the Writopia Lab Playwriting Format as a model, if that works for you.


There can be no narrator of the play who is not emotionally invested in the story. (i.e. Ramona can tell her story to the audience, but an unnamed narrator cannot tell her story to the audience.)


Plays should be no longer than eight minutes in length. With dialogue, that evens out to about one minute per page. However, if you have longer monologues or speeches, it might be less. One way to make sure it doesn’t go over eight minutes is to read it aloud by yourself or with friends and time the reading.

Who Can Submit?

Submissions for the Worldwide Play Festival are open to all playwrights between the ages of 6 and 18.

Submission Deadline

Submissions for our 2022 festival closed on March 8th, 2022. Check back here soon for our 2023 festival submissions!

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