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Dozens of seniors each summer and fall write their college essays at Writopia. Almost all of our college essay students win admittance to their top choice schools. We are thrilled to report that in recent years, our college essay students have won admittance to Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Stanford, Williams, University of Chicago, Hampshire, UT Austin, University of Virginia, SUNY Binghamton, and many more.

We guide juniors and seniors through the process of identifying unique and meaningful personal stories, and we give them the space and guidance to tell those stories in their own authentic voices. We will not write essays for students. Each and every word is the student's own. We allow students to find their voices and give them the confidence to use them, and ultimately provide guidance on structure and editing. At Writopia Lab, we witness the power of authentic young voices every day. Students will not only have completed a college essay, but a new confidence in their own writing.

Workshops and Private Sessions

Students can receive college essay writing instruction at Writopia through the College Essay Workshop or Private Sessions. Workshops have a maximum of seven participants. College Essay Workshops programs are only available to students who are high school juniors or seniors.

Students who seek college essay writing instruction at Writopia come with a variety of preparation: students who may have not yet begun the college application process, students who may already have a draft they want to polish, and anyone in-between are welcome to join! Writopia instructors will be able to help students identify what essays they would like to write and work with them to to meet the admissions timeline.

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