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Writopia Publishing Lab


Our mission is to elevate our youth’s voices onto the page in order to further Writopia Lab’s mission of fostering joy, literacy, and critical thinking in all young people through effective, passion-driven writing.


  • The Writopia Lab Quarterly News publishes four issues per year. Participants around the world join our workshops to brainstorm topics and receive high-level guidance from published journalists in developing feature stories, opinion pieces, profiles, news coverage, crossword puzzles, and comics. Writopia Lab reporters conduct interviews and research in order to learn and share their knowledge with the public in engaging, effective ways.
  • The Yearly WriCampian is a newspaper written by WriCampians every year, detailing their experiences and showcasing their pieces from our annual sleepaway camp.

Our Publications

Highlighted Publications
Written by Young and Teen Writers
Story Writing Contest Anthologies
WriCampia Anthologies
Partnership Anthologies
Written by Writopia Lab Instructors and Staff

Online Lit Mags

The (Parenthetical)

The (Parenthetical) is an online magazine dedicated to showcasing our workshoppers pieces, exclusively for ages 6-12.

The Ellipsis...

The Ellipsis... is an online magazine that features works written by our teen workshoppers.


Teen-Imagined and -Run Magazines

Diatom Journal

A national magazine of original writing, visual arts, and music, Diatom Journal is curated coast to coast by Writopia Lab teens.

Teen-Run Anthologies

Turning the Page

Turning the Page is a teen-led social justice committee that is part of the year-long Creative Portfolio Program. Each year, this leadership committee will pick a social justice issue or theme to focus on, and call attention to, through an anthology of poetry and prose centered around that theme. Our first issue was released in fall of 2020 and focuses on destigmatizing mental health issues.

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