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Program Logic Model

At Writopia Lab, youth have made social-emotional learning (SEL) gains in areas such as positive identity, academic self-efficacy, social skills, and self-management, which are directly linked to long-term positive behavior, thriving youth, improved academic performance, and improved workforce readiness.

Here is Writopia's Program Logic Model, a graphic that presents what we do, how we do it, and the short-term and long-term effects on our youth.


  • Multi-genre creative writing workshops for youth ages 4 to 18.
  • Summer full-day camp and sleepaway camp.
  • One-on-one literacy support and mentorship.
  • Literary gatherings, events for the community, and an annual professional play festival.
  • High school and college-level internships.
  • Literary magazines.

Effective Practices

  • Professional writers (instructors) provide strengths-based feedback to our youth’s writing.
  • Instructors encourage writers to choose writing projects that matter to them and set their own writing goals.
  • Instructors lead our youth through writing games that promote joy, reflection, and collaboration, and teach craft concepts on an intrinsic level.
  • Youth provide positive and constructive feedback on one another’s writing and collaborate on group writing games and stories.
  • Youth share their writing at readings, performances, and through the publication of our online literary magazines.

Short-Term Outcomes

  • Improved social-emotional learning skills.
  • Increased joy, critical thinking, self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, social skills, and empathy.
  • Improved self-management skills and ability to set and evaluate goals.
  • Increased academic self-efficacy and self-expression/creativity.
  • Improved writing and literacy skills.
  • Admission to a high school and/or college of the youth’s choice.
  • Increased publications/awards/recognition.

Long-term Outcomes

  • Thriving youth.
  • Continued positive behavior.
  • Decreased risky behavior.
  • Improved academic performance.
  • Improved workforce readiness.
  • Lifelong love of writing.
  • Continued positive association with writing.
  • Confidence to share work and thoughts with peers and in public scenarios

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