“Writing used to be a solitary activity. But now I am beginning to believe that writing is best done in a community, surrounded by fellow wordsmiths who can comment on your pieces, provide inspiration, gently offer suggestions, and encourage you to forge ahead... In my first two weeks at Writopia Lab, I have already gained more tools and produced more complete work than I have in the years I spent struggling alone.”

Emma K., 15, Writopia writer

Welcome to Writopia Lab

At Writopia, writers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels find a supportive, fun, and engaging community of writers and thinkers. Find out more about our workshops for teens and young writers.

What will I do in workshop?
First and foremost, you will have the time and space to develop your work with the support of your instructor and your fellow workshoppers. Your instructor is there to help you if you are developing a new idea, struggling with writer’s block, or are uncertain about where your story is headed. Though many of our writers choose to continue working on their writing outside of workshop, we do not assign homework.
In each session, you will also get the opportunity to workshop your piece with the group, and to receive positive and constructive feedback from your fellow writers. Also, based on writers' requests, workshoppers often play Writopia writing games or do writing exercises which inspire new stories, encourage character investigation, or are just relaxing and fun.
What can I work on in workshop?
Whatever you want. (Really!) All our workshops are multi-genre, which means you can focus on fiction, playwriting, poetry, memoir, screenwriting, etc. Some writers come in with a clear idea of what they want to work on; others arrive looking for inspiration. Your instructor will help you brainstorm and start a project that speaks to you. Over the course of the semester, your instructor and peers will help you develop your piece and see it through to the end.
Who are the instructors?
All of our instructors are published authors or produced playwrights. You can read their bios.
Who else will be in my workshop?
There are a maximum of six to eight writers per workshop. You will always be in an age-based group, so the other writers will be right around your age. Writopia writers come from all different sorts of schools, communities, and neighborhoods.
What else goes on at Writopia outside of the workshops?
We host regular readings at local bookstores and libraries, as well as spoken word events at the Nuyorican Cafe in New York City. We also run an annual winter writer’s retreat, and our two-week sleepaway camp, WriCampia!
Can I intern at Writopia Lab?
Yes — if you've taken workshops with us before! high school interns are an integral part of our programs.
What if there's not a Writopia Lab near me?
We can definitely still work together! First off, did you know that we've got 19 locations across the US? If you're not near one of those, you might need to get your parents involved, but we still have a lot of ways we can work together.

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