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Private Workshops

Private parent-coordinated workshops are 1.5 hour workshops scheduled in accordance with your writer’s and their friends’ or siblings’ schedules. Workshops are paired with one of our fun and insightful instructors, who are all published authors or produced playwrights.

Our private creative writing workshops are fun, engaging, and highly productive. We challenge students to set and achieve writing goals throughout the course of their workshop. Workshops are student-centered and author-led. Students may find themselves drawn to any number of forms and genres, including fiction, personal narrative/memoir, playwriting, and screenwriting. Our students flourish in these multi-genre workshops where they can gain exposure to diverse styles and voices. Instructors help writers harness their ideas with the goal of completing one, polished piece by the end of ten workshops.

Sessions are peppered with original and fun writing exercises, but focus primarily on writing — and completing — stories. We cultivate true workshops in which students get to share their writing in a safe and supportive space; students learn how to give and receive insightful feedback.

We use an online platform called Zoom, which enables writers to meet in a virtual conference space. They will all be able to see and hear each other, as if they were in the same room. However, the instructor has control over audio if the session gets too loud.

The rate for a private workshop (4-6 writers) is $325 per writer for five 1.5 workshops.

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Weekly Trimester-Long Workshops

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