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  • Creative Writing Workshops & Camps

    Creative Writing Workshops & Camps

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Writopia Lab is a national community of teen and young writers and thinkers.

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  • Why We Do This

    Why We Do This

    Because we love authentic writing, thoughtful conversations, stunning prose, and silly madness.

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  • What We Do

    What We Do

    In addition to running workshops at our labs, we work with community-based organizations, the NY Public Library, Homes for the Homeless, and public and private schools across the country.

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    • "Writopia was Abey's first inclusion experience. He was embraced by the community and encouraged to submit his writing for publications and awards. Abey was very happy at Writopia and it gave us the confidence to transition from a private special education school to a NYC public high school. His highest compliment is 'This is just like Writopia.'"

      Michelle Noris

    • "Writopia online has been a miracle during the pandemic. The workshops have always been the bright spot in Hugh's week and even more so during this past year. Thank you for continuing to provide a top notch creative outlet!"

      Jessica Manser

    • Thursday is Willem’s favorite day of the week! He and several others from their D & D game just chatted with each other on roll20 the other day— love the way this group has bonded. I’m amazed and grateful to know that making friends virtually during a pandemic is totally a thing.

      Jennifer Robinson

    • "My daughter loves her class. This is huge - for years, I've been digging for her passion, her fire, and I think we just rubbed two sticks together and got some."

      A Proud Dad

    • "I just glanced at Shaylem's essay and was really happy with what you all have helped facilitate for him. I really appreciate the feedback, all of your hard work, and the organization as a whole."

      Liz Lawler

    • "Thank you all. One thing I have learned from Covid is what people and activities are really the most meaningful for my child and Writopia is top of the list. Thank you all for creating such an amazing supportive community!!!"


    • "I never thought I would say this, but i am soooooo happy that your classes are on Zoom so Robbie can continue to take your classes when we move!!! Thank you so much...I cannot express enough how wonderful Writopia has been for my son..."


    • "...thanks so much for granting Amira with her first sleepaway camp experience last summer at WriCampia. Amira had an amazing time and wants to attend again this summer... She still talks about her experience at WriCampia to date and keeps in touch with the friends she met. I myself really enjoyed viewing all of the photos, her short story video and fun memories captured! Thanks so much again!"

      Tanisha, Writopia Parent (Winter 2019)

    • I absolutely recommend this class. Discussions and readings changed my thinking about how to teach writing... The classes were fun especially the writing games and exercises. I felt like a kid again.

      NYC DOE educator's evaluation of Writopia Lab's Training Institute

    • Writopia was really beneficial for students who already see themselves as writers, as it gives them the creative outlet. But it is also great for reluctant writers; they flourish in this type of environment.

      Teacher, PS 276 in New York City

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