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Memoir is based on memory, a crossroads between fact and fiction/truth. This genre pushes us to deeply examine ourselves and our experiences, weaving narratives that explore the past through the lens of the present. How do we examine the past? Can we trust our memory? What is emotional truth? In this workshop, writers will explore intersections of their own memories and truths. They’ll also explore methods for archiving experiences, establishing a recognizable narrative voice, and creating a compelling personal story.


In addition to being a powerful outlet for self-expression, poetry can teach us craft fundamentals such as economizing language and prioritizing strong, specific imagery. In our poetry workshops, writers develop their voices through exploring traditional and experimental poetic forms. Workshop sessions include relevant exercises and fun games, discussions, feedback, and guidance from the instructor. Each session ends with a group workshop, in which writers share with each other and gain feedback from their peers.

Publishing Submissions Prep

Our writers submit to a variety of publications, contests, and recognition programs, including the Scholastic Writing Awards, Stone Soup, Teen Ink, and more. Each month we send out an email to our community with a list of submission opportunities to literary magazines and writing contests.

We are now offering a five-hour Submissions Prep workshop for teens to explore the wide variety of publishing platforms available to teen writers. In this one-day workshop, writers will learn about different avenues for publishing both short- and long-form work. Attendees will work with our instructors in small groups on developing, deepening, and submitting their work to their chosen venues. There will also be informational Q&A sessions with professionals in the field.

Whether or not a piece is accepted for publication, the submission process inspires our entire community to write at our highest level and to complete pieces. As a resource for parents, this article by Writopia Lab’s Executive Director offers advice on how to talk to teen writers about the submissions process.

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