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In-Person and Online After-School and Weekend Programs

Writopia Lab has productive, joyful writing programs available online across the country in-person in select locations. Our after-school and weekend workshops are warmer and more productive than typical writing classes and courses offered for kids and teens online and in-person.

To see our online and in-person program schedule, please click one of the following schedules.

Our Workshops, Camps, and Application-Only Programs

In both multi-genre and themed workshops, writers work with a published author or produced playwright (highly trained in teaching the form, genre, or topic). Participants discuss, share, develop, and complete their own original works. Workshops are age-based and enroll a maximum of eight writers.

As part of Full-Day camp, writers will enjoy a three-hour workshop and two elective periods. Electives happen in the middle of the East-Coast day, with workshops happening both before and after electives to accommodate writers in as many time zones as possible!

When We Write

Weekly Workshops

These are weekly programs that meet during three school-year trimesters. These workshops generally meet for ten 90-minute sessions.

Check out the Weekly Trimester-Long Workshop Schedule here.

Holiday Workshops

Holiday workshops generally meet for a single day or Monday through Friday, for three hours per day. Some holidays and special weeks vary.

Check out the Half-Day Workshop Schedule here.

Summer Workshops and Camps

Summer Half-Day workshops generally meet Monday through Friday for three hours per day, in-person or online. Full-Day camps meet in-person for a 3-hour workshop and two 1.5-hour elective periods.

Check out the Summer Schedule here.

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Weekly Trimester-Long Workshops

Check out the Weekly Trimester-Long Schedule.

Holiday & School Break Workshops

Check out the Half-Day and Full-Day schedules.

Summer Workshops and Camps

Check out the Summer Schedule.