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Who We Serve

Enthusiastic Writers

We serve some of the most enthusiastic young writers in the country. Dedicated young writers come to us looking for a place to develop their craft, and for a community of like-minded peers. Our instructors work closely with these writers to develop their ideas to the fullest, and to bring out their highest level of writing. Our writers win more recognition each year for their writing than any other group of children and teens in the country, and our submissions coordinator helps our dedicated writers submit their works each month to over 50 curated recognition programs and publishing opportunities.

Reluctant Writers

Writopia serves a large number of families who have enrolled with the hope that a reluctant or hesitant writer would blossom here. In Writopia’s student-driven, open, warm workshops, those children find themselves growing more confident, fluid, and happy as writers. In fact, though 15% of our writers described themselves as “reluctant writers,” by the end of the trimester, 96% of writers stated that they liked or loved writing!

Diversity at Writopia

Socioeconomic Diversity

We are considered the most socioeconomically diverse literacy/literary enrichment program in many areas in the country. Writopia has never turned away a student whose family was unable to pay for workshops. We offer honor-based sliding scale tuition as well as a robust full scholarship program. Please contact for more information.

Writopia also runs an extensive array of programs at hospitals, homeless shelters, treatment centers, schools, and community-based organizations that serve low-income youth.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Writopia fosters a creative space that nurtures the voices of writers from different races, backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. We achieve this goal through our inclusive, safe-space workshops. We also run specialized race-related workshops, such as VCR (Voice, Culture, and Race) and CSE (Critical Social Engagement), which encourage writers to process the world around them through a critical race theory lens.

LGBTQ+ Diversity

Writopia Lab provides a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning youth to write, share, and connect with others.

Disability Diversity

Writopia seeks to foster an inclusive workshop culture in which any child or teen can have the pleasure of writing their own story. We have been working with students with learning, emotional, and physical disabilities since we were founded in 2007. Please let us know how we can best serve your students with disabilities.

Schooling Diversity

Writopia Lab has been serving the homeschooling community for over a decade. We run child-centered, innovative writing classes during the day, after school, on weekends, and throughout the summer to ensure that all students and young authors, no matter their schooling preferences, are able to benefit from our fun and highly productive approach.    

"Thank you so much for this kind, thoughtful and helpful feedback regarding Juliana’s progress in creative writing! As her mom and homeschool teacher, I have noticed that she takes joy in writing in a way that she did not prior to starting this class, and that her stamina for writing longer pieces has increased substantially. I think this is an outgrowth of the support, trust, and cultivation of creativity that you have provided for her in class. Jules is enjoying learning to use quotation marks now, and appreciated the 1:1 support in editing yesterday so that she could apply all of these skills. We are so grateful for your awesome teaching abilities and warm support, and will be happy to return for the spring trimester. Thanks again for everything!"

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Our Mission

Writopia Lab fosters joy, literacy, and critical thinking in children and teens from all backgrounds through creative writing.

We have never turned away a student whose family was unable to pay for workshops. Fifty percent of our students attend on either partial or full scholarships.

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Our Donors

We are so grateful to the donors who have made our outreach programs possible. Writopia Lab relies on their--and your--contributions to ensure that young writers most in need receive the support they deserve.

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