Forever Writopians Alumni Collective

Welcome to the Forever Writopians Alumni Collective! Our mission is to
1)serve as a community for alumni to engage with each other
2) organize opportunities to support Writopia’s mission by raising funds for, and mentoring, underserved young writers

We look forward to the years ahead when our Forever Writopians community grows to be thousands deep and will be dispersed across the nation. Perhaps across the globe!

Alumni Workshops

Join us for a spring 2020 5-session Wednesday workshop! Pay below and the payment confirmation will direct you to the registration form.

These workshop will meet online every Wednesday for 5 week starting on April 15th, 2020.

  • 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM (EST) with Janelle Williams!
  • 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (EST) with Lena Roy!
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    2019 Fundraiser

    For our first efforts as a Forever Writopians Alumni Collective, a group of us -- Katie Hartman, Charlotte Raunser, Ian Sherman, Rachel Calnek-Sugin -- organized a series of events to raise money for the Dan Kitrosser Playwriting Scholarship.

    We thank all those who participated in these events and contributed towards our fundraising efforts. We were able to raise a seed fund of $1,500 towards the Dan Kitrosser Playwriting Scholarship that will benefit low income playwriting students looking to participate in Writopia’s workshops and in Writopia’s Worldwide Plays Festival.

    It is only the beginning. Come join us! Reach out to us at

    Here are some of our first active alumni!

    Eunju Namkung

    Picture of Eunju

    Eunju recently founded a communications and marketing firm, Description Pills, that primarily serves public policy-oriented organizations including associations, educational institutions, and nonprofits. She began initiating the Writopia Alumni Association about a year ago and is thrilled to be helping it become a sustainable, impactful wing of the Writopia community. Eunju is also currently pursuing graduate education in public policy issues related to aging and older adults, with specific interests in retirement policy and social insurance. She expects to receive a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning and a Masters in Public Administration from the Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs by May 2020. She graduated from Yale University with a Bachelors in Film and Media Studies in 2013. Upon graduation, she returned to Writopia Lab where she founded the Filmmaking Program.

    Emma Goldberg

    Picture of Emma

    Emma recently started as a researcher at the New York Times, and she is excited to be hosting summer Writopia writers on field trips to the paper! Emma joined Writopia in the first-ever workshop in 2007, and it changed her life. Writopia was the most important community that she got to be a part of growing up, and being a Writopian made her want to be a lifelong writer and full-time journalist. She is infinitely grateful to Writopia, Rebecca, and everyone who has enabled this transformative organization to touch so many lives.

    Ian Sherman

    Picture of ian

    Ian graduated from Brown University and have been working in digital marketing since. He joined Writopia in high school when He moved to New York City, and it has been one of the most transformative decisions of my life. He not only cultivated long lasting friendship but also carried the skills of storytelling, emotional expression, and understanding people with him in all aspects of my life from how he interact with my friends and family to how he put together decks and proposals at work.

    Rachel Calnek-Sugin

    Picture of Rachel

    Rachel just graduated from Yale University in May 2019, with a double major in English (with a creative writing concentration in playwriting) and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Right now, she is working in the summer literacy learning program at New Haven’s refugee resettlement organization, teaching poetry and theater to recently resettled children in grades K-12. Rachel first started going to Writopia in 2008, when she was twelve years old, and her workshop consisted of just two students in Rebecca Wallace-Segall’s living room. She continued to take weekly workshops with Rebecca and Dan Kitrosser until she graduated high school; Writopia gave her a writing community within which she found comfort, challenge, growth, and expansiveness in so many parts of her life. Rachel also worked as a teaching intern at Writopia’s main location and in the Homes for the Homeless program at the Saratoga Family Inn, and she has worked at WriCampia for three summers. Her experiences at Writopia have shaped how she thinks about the world, her search for community, and her desire to be a writer, in so many ways.

    Katie Hartman

    Picture of Katie

    Katie Hartman joined Writopia in middle school, when the classes were taught in Rebecca’s apartment! She continued to attend after-school workshops at Writopia NYC throughout high school (shout out to Courtney’s Tuesday group!). Katie is now a special education teacher and recently graduated with a Masters in elementary and special education. She will be returning to NYC this summer after six years in Philly and is looking forward to getting back in touch with Writopia friends.

    Charlotte Rauner

    Picture of Charlotte

    Charlotte just completed a bachelor's degree in Economics and Social History from Barnard College of Columbia University. She will be working for a management consulting firm.

    Charlotte’s sister and Emma Goldberg were friends throughout high school and Emma's love for Writopia brought it to my family's attention. In February of 2012, during her freshman year of high school, she attended a President's Week workshop led by Danielle. Her sister urged me to write a play and because of that, my romance with Writopia started. From 2012 until Charlotte graduated high school in 2015, she was a member of Dan's Tuesday night workshop, an intern on Sunday mornings for 1st and 2nd grades, and a participant of the Worldwide Plays Festival. These three and a half years refined not just who she is as a poet and playwright but who she is as a thinker, question asker, and creative person in the world. She is indebted to Writopia in more ways than one and the growth of an alumni network is just part of something she can do to say to thank you.

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