Our Impact

Why imagine, think, create, and write?

Children and teens come to us yearning for a creative outlet — often an escape from test-prep dominated curricula. Writing is not only a powerful way to spark engagement, though. It is also a skill that yields long term success. Studies show, over and over, that being a strong writer is advantageous whether you are a lawyer, a salesperson, or a carpenter.

Our workshops create an inclusive environment, mixing the region's most gifted writers with young people who are beginning to discover their own voices; our workshopping method, our competitive hiring process, and our thorough training enable us to help all of these young people to write the best work they are capable of producing. From our instructors' perspectives, Writopia Lab is an exciting place to work because we have the pleasure of witnessing this reinvigoration every day.

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Help us ensure another ten years of young people finding their voices, turning pain to power, transforming their ideas into accomplishments, and achieving their award-winning potential regardless of their economic status.


  • 86% of parents choose Writopia Lab as a creative outlet for their children, and 75% choose Writopia Lab as a support system to focus and deepen their work
  • 77% of the parents of reluctant writers believe that their child's academic success has been positively impacted by their experiences at Writopia Lab
  • The vast majority of Writopia parents report that their children enjoy:
    • The freedom to write in whichever genre interests them (85%)
    • The opportunity to receive feedback from their instructor (83%)

Data from the 2011 National Center for Educational Statistics and the National Center for Educational Progress found that only one in four students in the U.S. is able to write competently.

Somehow, in the land of free speech, three quarters of our population lack the skill to exercise that basic, human, American right.

Rebecca Wallace-Segall, Founder and Executive Director, Writopia Lab

Writopia provides super fun, creative and intellectual engagement and high-level literacy instruction to children and teens from all backgrounds. The impact: our writers of all ages and across all socioeconomic backgrounds win more writing recognition than any other group of children and teens in the country.

  • In 2016, Writopia writers once again earned more national medals in the Scholastic Writing Awards than any group of teens in the country
  • Two teens from Homes for the Homeless earned Scholastic Writing Awards
  • 20 Write to Recognition and scholarship writers earned Scholastic Writing Awards
  • Two writers from Aichhorn Treatment facilities will be produced as part of the Worldwide Plays Festival;
  • 15 scholarship writers have been published in online journals including Awa Soumahoro in Women's' eNews.

We bring our inspiring, instructive method to thousands of children and teens across the country and throughout the world at our labs, in schools, at hospitals, homeless shelters, treatment centers, community-based organizations, and online. Please explore our website to see our whole story and our breadth of impact, and contact us to let us know how you would like to get involved or support our work.

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