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Language Play

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Writopia Lab Language Play is a story-building workshop for kids ages 4 to 6!

Writopia Lab partnered with child development specialists to develop Language Play, an innovative program designed to inspire and enhance your 4- to 6-year-old's imagination and language usage in a fun, interactive environment. Published writers and produced playwrights lead and follow children through imaginary adventures that expand vocabulary, improve linear thinking skills, and build confidence in self-expression.

Each Language Play session includes:

  • storytelling
  • singing
  • dancing
  • literary yoga
  • sidewalk stories
  • character-building games

The Foundation

The age-specific, original curriculum is based on an integrative learning approach that encourages critical thinking and helps develop narrative skills. While little pre-writers discover and express their own individuality through a variety of activities, caregivers witness, participate in, and enjoy these magical moments.

Developing Storytelling Language and Theatrics

Speaking and writing are inseparable from thinking. When we encourage toddlers to relate their experiences or share an idea of funny made up thoughts, we show them that words have power. The more questions we ask them, the more they learn to process and narrate. The more we ask them to reflect and imagine, the better thinkers they become.

Cultivating Social Skills

As toddlers and workshop leaders work together to create stories, children experience first-hand the pleasure of brainstorming and building in a social setting.

The best thing about Language Play was watching the kids become active in storytelling, and involved in the creative process. No other comparable program offers practice using language, phonics, and creative language play.

Rebecca R.

I was so impressed with how the children answered questions in a group setting... and how they were prompted to think creatively. They worked together and listened to each other's ideas. And the instructor really focused on the children's ideas as well.

Cecily C.

Language Play is more focused on writing than any program I know of—and the group is more intimate.

Stephanie D.

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