2018 Worldwide Plays Festival

Where: Theaterlab, 357 West 36th Street, 3rd floor
When: Wednesday May 9th, 2018 to Sunday May 13th, 2018

General Admission Tickets: $20
Premium tickets: $100
Premium tickets include a signed, framed, canvas-printed photograph photograph of the playwright and their cast!
(And a bucket of warm fuzzies.)

Wednesday, May 9th at 6pm (Buy Tickets!)

Did you hear that the school budget is so tight, they are making the teachers drink ground dirt instead of coffee? Or that the pressure of getting good grades are tearing some friend groups apart? Or that the basketball team is on the brink of failure and needs a brilliant writer to write some brilliant plays? Bounce from room to room in this school where you are sure to see insightful, hilarious, and powerful plays that question the status quo and still win the game!

Budget Cuts
Written by Hannah Heeger, age 14
Directed by Illana Stein
With Andrew Harriss, Kelsey Foltz, and Mackenzie Knapp

The Perfect Writer
Written by Gideon Bialkin, age 11
Directed by Kyle Metzger
With Ali Andre Ali, Brennan Lowery, Kevin Gonzalez, and Tristan Sample

What Friends are For
Written by Timia McCoade, age 14
Directed by Ben Weber
With Amanda Fuller, Chris Jehnert, and Molly Gallagher

Written by Jordan Ferdman and Sierra Blanco

Wednesday, May 9th at 8pm(Buy Tickets!)

Written by Abey Weitzman, age 14
Directed by Matthew Jellison
With Ali Andre Ali, and Brennan Lowery

Written by Britany, age 13
Directed by Arielle Lever
With Isra Elsahilirie, Sam Cooper, and Tanya Fazal

Love You Guys
Written by Logan Silbert, age 14
Directed by Stephen Cedars
With Ashley Underwood, Molly Gallagher, and Sergio Castillo

Written by Maya Mitrasinovic and Stina Trollback

Thursday, May 10th at 6pm(Buy Tickets!)

It's a night of revenge! An eraser comes to life to save the school supplies! A pair of picked-on kids take on their bully! And a teacher is being ousted after 45 dedicated years by a young woman named Vicki! Come see these unsung heroes fight back in this series of hilarious and insightful plays by elemetary schoolers.

Written by Georgia Green, age 10
Directed by Clara Maria Ruth Wiest
With Lindsey Meyers, Jacqueline Reed, and Alison Vincitore

I Didn't Get Your Memo
Written by Ella Marder, age 11
Directed by Michelle Cage
With Katherine Teed Arthur, Hayley Bruck, and Nadine Reumer

The Bully Mishap
Written by Jessie Mitnick, age 10 and Celia Lambert, age 11
Directed by Jessica Pomeroy
With Adam Fisher, Teresa Lafferty, and Sofia Gregory

Written by Michelle Cage, Clara Maria Ruth Wiest, and Jessica Pomeroy

Thursday, May 10th at 8pm(Buy Tickets!)

A non-athletic student is forced to play basketball by their mother, a teacher is desperately trying to find some alone time with her girlfriend to propose and two other teachers are falling madly in love in the teacher's lounge. In this emotionally driven, high stakes night of theater, come see characters whose lives are bursting against the walls of the schoolhouse, and the drama and humanity that comes of such a burst.

Written by Annelie Hyatt, age 15
Directed by Alison Vincitore
With Adam Fisher, Nadine Reumer, and Lindsey Meyers

Lunch Break
Written by Grace Novarr, age 16
Directed by Katherine Teed-Arthur
With Teresa Lafferty and Michelle Cage

Put a Ring on It
Written by Lydia Schultz, age 16 and Claire Annino, age 15
Directed by Jessica Pomeroy
With Clara Maria Ruth Wiest, Sofia Gregory, and Jacqueline Reed

Written by Hayley Bruck, Jessica Pomeroy, and Katherine Teed-Arthur

Friday, May 11th at 6pm(Buy Tickets!)

Teachers gossiping about student (mis)behavior, a lockdown drill forces estranged friends to reunite and a class experiment reveals more than just science in this provocative and stirring night of teen plays.

He Said, She Said
Written by Lily Krug, age 16
Directed by Illana Stein
With Bess Miller, Dave Chura, and Kristin Cantwell

Written by Zoe Donovan, age 15
Directed by Kevin R. Free
With Ashley Underwood, Aurea Tomeski, and Mackenzie Knapp

The Chemistry Between Me and You
Written by Viola Hsia, age 17
Directed by Jordan E. Cooper
With Francesca Hansen-DiBello and Zahyde Pietri

Written by Lennarsha Prescod and Emily Prescod

Friday, May 11th at 8pm(Buy Tickets!)

Written by Tashane Campbell, age 15
Directed by Kirya Traeber
With Kristin Cantwell, Mackenzie Knapp, and Maggie Benedict

Written by Elizabeth Edlin
Directed by Madeline Taylor
With Christopher Ellis and Sergio Castillo

Guys Like Us
Written by Gabi Sussman, age 17
Directed by Dan McCoy
With Harrison Kaufman and Tristan Sample

Written by Rachel Calnek Sugin, Clea Woodbury, and Yainie Gallego

Saturday, May 12th at 12pm(Buy Tickets!)

Teddy has gone missing, Ms Adams demands that students use "I Feel" language when they argue, and microaggressions are abound in Mimmi's Pre-Calc class in this evening of woke plays that remind us that we don't need to have answers to the tough questions of life, but we do need to listen.

Written by Jack Braun, age 16
Directed by David Blasher
With Harrison Kaufman, Kevin Gonzalez, and Ramad Carter

Feelings Circle
Written by Rubi Manieri
Directed by Jamie Simms
With Annabelle Cousins, Madeleine Sykes, and Vanessa Malanga

To the White Boys who Sit Next to Me in Precalc
Written by Yamini Manikoth, age 16
Directed by Zonya Love
With Erin Pettigrew, Keith Hale, and Tristan Sample

Written by Zoe Nelms, Abigail Sylvor-Greenberg, and Arjun Mazumdar

Saturday, May 12th at 2pm(Buy Tickets!)

Behind the Bookshelf
Written by Caroline Alpi, age 16
Directed by Robert Gonyo
With Jak Watson and Samantha Cooper

Life is a Spectacle, We Are Actors
Written by Juliette Bellinson, age 16
Directed by Aimee Todoroff
With Keith Hale, Maggie Benedict, and Molly Gallagher

The Legend of Persephone and Hades (and Frank)
Written by Tyler Medina-Minerva, age 16
Directed by Adam Weber
With Dan Kitrosser, Michael Benzinger, and Nicholas Leung

Written by Jackie Magawa and Foster Schrader

Saturday, May 12th at 6pm(Buy Tickets!)

An Evening of Award-Winning Plays by our Writopia Seniors. Come see this evening of staged readings by playwrights who have been involved Writopia for many years, as well as the award-winning high school play from our outside competition. An award ceremony and celebratory party will follow the staged readings.

Colored Eyesight
Written by Stina Trollbäck, age 17
Directed by Katie McHugh
With Vanessa Malanga, Dan Kitrosser, and Molly Powers Gallagher

Marie vs. School Staff
Written by Claire Ahn, age 16
Directed by Stephen Cedars
With Annabelle Cousins

Written by Leo Lion, age 18
Directed by Stephen Cedars
With Annabelle Cousins, Mackenzie Knapp, and Russell Sperberg

The End of the World As We Know It
Written by Kaley Mamo, age 16
Directed by Kyle Metzger
With Joy Donze, Maggie Benedict, and Tristan Sample

The Janitor's Closet
Written by Stephanie Okun, age 18
Directed by Kyle Metzger
With Andrea Bellamore, Aurea Tomeski, Joy Donze, Maggie Benedict, Nate Healey, Tristan Sample, and Zahyde Pietri

The Ramifications
Written by Maya Mitrasinovic, age 18
Directed by Katie McHugh
With Vanessa Malanga, and Dan Kitrosser

Sunday, May 13th at 12pm(Buy Tickets!)

Why are friends backtsabbing each other? And why are some teachers so mean? And who is stealing money for the school lunches? These questions answered and more in this fun-filled, action packed series of plays showing us that the drama could not be higher inside the school walls.

I Told You Not to Tell Her
Written by Shazia Rahman, age 12
Directed by Dan Kitrosser
With Annabelle Cousins, Erin Pettigrew, and Joy Donze

Ms. Brine the Frankenstein
Written by Charlene Dong, age 9
Directed by Sergio Castillo
With Afton Welch, Kait Emery, and Kristin Cantwell

Students vs. Teachers
Written by Kalen Shamy, age 10 and Gabriel Bill, age 10
Directed by Dan McCoy
With Amanda Fuller, Joe Dunn, Ramad Carter, and Tristan Sample

Written by Rebecca Wallace-Segall, Danielle Sheeler, and Dan Kitrosser

Sunday, May 13th at 2pm(Buy Tickets!)

Revolt! A young female wizard takes on the boys, two students take on their insane gym teacher, and the school lunches themselves fight back against the people who eat them! Come to this hilarious grouping of plays that show how even the tiniest pizza can fight back!

Girl Nerd
Written by Haley Dow, age 11
Directed by Aimee Todoroff
With Kait Emery, Keith Hale, and Kevin Gonzalez

Psycho Gym Teacher
Written by Stella Pyrovolakis, age 9
Directed by Jamie Simms
With Christopher Ellis, Mackenzie Knapp, and Madeleine Sykes

School Lunch Revolution
Written by Kaden Evans, age 9
Directed by Matthew
With Andrew Harriss, Dara Swisher, and Michael Benzinger

Written by Fiona Moore, Maxanne Wallace-Segall, and Erica James

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