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About the Festival

We are thrilled to announce our lineup for the Writopia Lab’s Worldwide Plays Festival 2016! The select group of playwrights represent New York City, Westchester County, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and the cast of professional actors reflects New York City’s diversity, bringing a full range of backgrounds and experiences to the rehearsal room and the stage.

This year, we challenged our playwrights to push the limits of their plays, both thematically and theatrically. The result has been a diverse roster of comedies, tragedies, and everything in between dealing with issues of race, class, sexuality, gender identity, the education system, and more. We’ll have a musical about teenage male privilege, a docudrama about Martin Luther King, Jr., a comedy about a princess becoming a knight, and a gripping relationship drama, among other thought-provoking and hilarious plays!

These plays will be performed with audience on three sides of the action in a whitebox theater. On any given night, you might get to name a character, be part of a fashion show, join a slumber party, or hear a first person-account of war-torn Ivory Coast.

The Worldwide Plays Festival is a vital way in which we foster joy, literacy, and critical thinking in our writers. We couldn’t be more excited to help them engage with their communities by creating immediate new works for the stage!

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We are deeply grateful for the support we have received from Worldwide Pants and others who help us bring professional productions to the work of our young and teen playwrights from all backgrounds each year. Please help us continue to bring our young writers’ works to life. We cannot continue to do it each year without your support.

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