The Competition

School Plays

This year, the Worldwide Plays Festival will be exploring the world of School. Playwrights must set their plays inside a room in a school, where there is so much more to learn than what’s on the board.

Following the great success of the immersive production of WPF’s 2017 Home plays, where every play took place in a different room in a home, this year, we are going to School.

It’s where people come to learn and come to teach, but it’s also where people fall in love, come out, protest, and pray. It’s where friendships are formed, where trust is broken, where people make the team and get cut from the play, where teachers are fired and heros are made.

Plays can be any genre--comedy, drama, horror, polemic, tragedy, historical, docu-drama, solo-play, interactive, sci-fi, etc.

Deadline: February 1st, 2018

Who can submit?

The competition is open to playwrights in 1st through 12th grade around the world.

What are the prizes?

This year, professional playwrights and theater professionals will select one play in each age group for Off-Broadway production in May. The 2018 Plays Festival will run in May in New York City.

The winning playwrights will also be awarded scholarships: $250 for high school winners, $150 for middle school winners, and $100 for elementary school winners.

What are the guidelines?

  • Eight minutes long (this is roughly eight pages, but all plays must be eight minutes or shorter, no matter the page count)
  • No more than three characters
  • While there is no standard playwriting format, we encourage you to use Writopia Lab’s Playwriting Format, which you can look at by clicking here.
  • The action of your play must take place entirely inside ONE room in a school (Classroom, Science Lab, Gym, Teacher’s Lounge, Principal’s office, Hallway, etc...)
  • NO set changes
  • There can be NO narrator in the play who is not emotionally invested in the story (i.e. Ramona can tell her story to the audience, but an unnamed narrator cannot tell the audience the story of Ramona)

Writers may submit more than one piece.

How do I submit?

Submit by filling out the online form and emailing your play in a PDF format to Please make sure that your name and contact information do NOT appear on your submission document.

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