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Comedy Writing Workshop

Comedy not only provides fun, laughter, and levity, but it usually illuminates something true about the human condition and the world around us. In this comedy writing workshop, writers will discuss what makes something funny, how to write something that will make others laugh but also think, discuss what can and should be made fun of in this world, and the ins and outs of how to write jokes, all led by an experienced NYC comedian. Through these conversations and games, writers will start their own humorous pieces and find the light in the darkness. Young writers will participate in a writers’ room to give each other feedback and explore what it’s like to pitch jokes to their fellow comedians. Writers have the choice to complete a stand up set, a comedy sketch, a piece of humorous short fiction/memoir, or a satire article. The workshop will culminate in a virtual performance!

Sketch Comedy Workshop

In Sketch Comedy, writers will learn how to write jokes, how to tell the jokes through silly characters and dialogue, and how to use comedy and weird characters to find bigger truths about the world. We will discuss comedy, what makes something funny, and specifically discuss the sketch comedy writing process and structure. Writers will participate in a comedy writers room, during which we will discuss any ‘pitches’ and beat out jokes. Then, writers will each write their own sketch and read them aloud in a table read to receive feedback from their instructor and peers, and discuss any joke pitches in a collaborative environment. The workshop will culminate in a performance.

Late Night Comedy Workshop

Our Late Night Comedy workshop, run by TV writer Arthur Meyer and sketch comedian Elsa Bermudez, mimics a late night-TV writers room. Young writers come together to learn the different ways to write and perform Late Night comedy, explore different segments of Late Night comedy, and collaborate on the creation of a half-hour Late Night show. Writers will analyze Late Night comedy clips to learn different comedy writing techniques and focus individually on the types of Late Night comedy they are most interested in writing. The workshop will culminate in with the writers’ performance of their show, and writers will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of Late Night performance, one-liners and desk jokes, and their unique comedic voice!

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