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Plus Workshops

An outgrowth of the popular and deeply meaningful WriCampia elective, the Plus workshop is an intersectional space where writers can write about, discuss, and celebrate their gender identities and sexualities. In Plus, we engage in group and individual writing, we share experiences, and simply enjoy time with other LGBTQ+ writers. Writers will develop their writing while exploring games both new and familiar through a queer lens, fostering self-discovery and a sense of community.

It is not “just” a classic Writopia workshop or “just” an affinity group or a safer space; it is both of those and more!

Writopia's Music Lab

Writopia’s Music Lab is for musicians of all backgrounds and all skill levels—from beginner to advanced—who want to develop and sustain their lifelong passion in music.

Our programs include: 1) The Music Foundry band program, where teens with intermediate or advanced experience on any instrument come together to discover their own style and sound, and to create, record, and perform new, vital, original music; and 2) Exploratory Music Collective workshops, for beginning musicians to explore instruments, production tools, and music fundamentals; and 3) Songwriting Studio workshops, a place for singer-songwriters to write and share songs with each other, get feedback, and ultimately build community.

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