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Knox Daddi

Game Leader

Knox Daddi

After many years of attending workshops as a young writer, Knox Daddi (he/him/his) is proudly joining Writopia Lab as an RPG Game Leader! Before joining the team, Knox studied creative writing for visual media at Hampshire College, and graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts in 2021. Knox is queer, trans, and a third-generation New Yorker. He is also an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPG systems, at times boasting as many as four different weekly campaigns as both player and game leader. He is passionate about the unique group storytelling experience these games foster, and can't wait to lead even more new adventurers through fantastical worlds!

When not cycling between his different campaigns, Knox develops pitches for animated television series, takes his dog on long walks through Riverside Park, and works on craft projects such as cosplay or plush character dolls (his current undertaking). He is thrilled to be working with Writopia Lab in his home neighborhood of the Upper West Side of Manhattan!

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