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Writopia Lab Salon

Come speak freely together and share links, film quotes, book excerpts, and music videos and lyrics with other Writopians in our Popular Culture Salons!

What is a salon? A salon is a gathering of like-minded souls who seek to increase their knowledge through conversation. So often, we see our writers starting these dialogues in workshop, and our three-session salons provide a space that is dedicated to these conversations and community.

Past 2021 Salons

Reckoning With Hate: A Salon Series for Middle Graders

Are you in middle school and frustrated and/or confused by seeing so much hate externalized in the world? Do you wonder how we can protect our communities from hatred and stereotyping? Reckoning with Hate as a salon is an active response to the recent spate of hate crimes towards members of the Asian-American community, the BIPOC community, and trans youth. In this three part salon we will explore and reflect on where we think hate comes from and what we can do to reckon with it.

Digging Into Our Roots: An Exploration of Culture, Heritage, & Ancestry for Teens

In celebration of AAPI month, we will be honoring the diverse cultures within East Asia, South Asia, Asia Pacific, as well as other cultures around the world. Together we will ask and discuss: How has culture impacted our way of life? In what ways has it been liberating? In what ways does it feel limiting? How has culture impacted the ways in which we behave in our communities? How does family, school and social groups inform our sense of culture? How is culture practiced and perceived through different generations? We are all members of a culture, sometimes more than one, that impacts our sense of self and our understanding of society. Whether you are interested in exploring the roots of your family’s culture and heritage, the rich history of your racial or ethnic background, or the ideals and beliefs of your family, school or neighborhood, this salon will be a place for you to process and discuss the diverse ways culture shapes our lives.

Friendship and Feminism

In 2021, feminism is not just for girls and women, but for everyone. It embraces the spirit of history and the complexity of the gender spectrum and ethnic and race identity and experience. Together we will ask and discuss: How do gender roles in our society affect friendship? How does racism impact our friendships? How do social justice issues and passions affect the way we feel about each other and move forward in the world? How does religion and politics inform our friendships? Whether you are new to exploring the history of feminism or already a self-proclaimed feminist of any gender, this salon will be a place to discuss ideals and blow open stereotypes and grow as human beings. Let’s explore our intersectionality together in the spirit of community, and yes friendship and feminism! For each salon we will share and discuss an article, video, or other resource related to the salon topic.

Connection and Critical Thinking

Come discuss your opinions, research, and ideas surrounding topics such as Politics & Current Events, Literature & the Arts, Science & Technology, and Memoir, Identity & Culture with thoughtful moderators from Writopia Lab’s staff. Connect with other passionate essay writers and discover new and interdisciplinary ways of thinking, reading, and sharing your work with the world!

These salons are designed to continue the conversation started at Writopia’s Youth Essay Conference. Whether or not you have participated in the conference, all are welcome!

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