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BOOKed for the Summer

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A half-day workshop for kids and teens to discover, rediscover, or simply dig into the joy of reading—together! 

Over the course of fifteen hours, a group of young readers and writers in aged-based groups will get together with an instructor—an enthusiastic, avid reader—and read a wide selection of short-form material around a central theme in pursuit of a central question, including at least one short story, part of a screenplay or play, a piece of creative nonfiction, poetry, and one song. They’ll develop writing in a genre of their choice inspired by a piece of reading, as well as a “reader’s letter,” an informal missive to someone important to them where they explore their process as a reader and a writer. They’ll engage in conversations around the reading, themes, and questions of the week as they form something of a reading club centered around literary discovery.

In a 2024 parent survey, almost half of our families reported that they witnessed their child become more engaged in reading as a result of their growing connection to the writing process.

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